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We have so much stuff in this house, the kids especially so, most of which ends up as clutter due to a severe lack of storage.

I can’t cope with mess and whilst I do my very best to keep the house as clean and tidy as humanly possible, within a few hours I seem to be back to square one. I don’t mind the kids have truck loads of toys, I love them having plenty to play with (as it keeps them occupied and therefore quiet) it’s just where to keep all their bits and bobs without making their rooms appear messy.

Along with E’s many Christmas presents, Santa brought E three beautiful Trofast storage units (all of which were from Ikea). We have since removed her rather dated and worn toy boxes from her room and have replaced them with the new furniture. The results are fantastic, E now has an easy-pull-to-open toy box with cushioning on top (which has created a funky reading nook) and there’s far more space for E to play and heaps more storage.

Super Storage Solutions - Loving Ikea

Super Storage Solutions - Loving Ikea

Having seen E’s new bedroom layout J was keen to update his own bedroom with something similar. Earlier this week Paul and I took a trip to Ikea to solve J’s storage issues, we began by replacing J’s rather outdated toy rack with two large Kallax units; one of which we have fitted with blue and black cupboard doors, whilst the other we decked out with colour-coordinated drona storage cubes.

Super Storage Solutions - Loving Ikea Rather than getting rid of the outdated storage, we re-used his stepped storage cubes as clothes storage within his wardrobe and the previous toy storage boxes as a Lego organiser within his toy cabinet.

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It took quite some time to put together the new units and to reorganise (and deep clean) J’s beloved bedroom. However, the results are amazing and our little man is over the moon.

Having updated and sorted the children’s bedrooms I decided to do the same with our office. We’ve put up with a make-shift bedside cabinet as a paper storage unit for a few years now. The drawers were stuffed to high heaven with stationary and on top we’d placed a precariously balanced printer, it was far from ideal!

Having scoured the shops for alternative storage ideas, we then came across the Malm double drawer set at a reduced price. Paul very kindly put the drawers and the unit together and I have since filled each drawer with stationary, documents, cables, sewing stuff and all kinds of ‘office based equipment’. Our under-stairs cupboard has now need cleared from clutter and our office is actual of use, I’m therefore one happy little lady.

Super Storage Solutions - Loving Ikea

The house feels clutter-clear, the kids rooms look really smart, tidy and clean and with a little luck they may stay as so thanks to Ikea’s fabulous furniture.

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