Lego Lovers Storage Solutions

Both J and E have grown to love Lego. We have all kinds of Lego sets which the children have put together over the years most of which are now on display in J’s room on a cube storage shelf set.

Somehow though the Lego bricks must have been breeding as whilst I was hoping this shelf would contain the majority of the households Lego it no longer seems to do so and we are currently seeking further storage solutions for our children’s ever-expanding Lego empire.

Lego Lovers Storage Solutions

We have already got floor based shelving which is great for the kids to use and access. However, for those larger and more complex models which the kids Paul and myself have built we really need something wall mounted which the children are less likely to reach for. Send Help! Lego is slowly but surely taking over our house!

I’ve considered using floating shelves, corner shelves and such like. Hell, I’ve even thought about tying nylon fishing line to some models and hanging them from the ceiling but practically speaking we need to find a sturdier solution which will at least look nice once put up.

Whilst looking online I came across a brand called ‘Muuto’ (the name Muuto comes from muutos, meaning new perspective in Finnish), a range of traditional Scandinavian furniture from Skandium. This company is apparently aiming to deliver a new perspective on Scandinavian design, through bold and creative thinking using forward-looking materials and techniques.

I have to say I bleeping love their floating shelves, much like our current Ikea cube storage shelves, these wall mounted cube shelves seem ideal for future Lego storage within the children’s rooms. If it weren’t for the car tax, services and upcoming MOT’s I would be having a shopping binge right about now.

However, the Lego will have to wait until at least May when J will once again be inundated with bricks from which to build Pirate ships, treasures coves and god knows else he can think up.

At least J now has drawers in which he stores his Lego in colour coded boxes, they will soon be over flowing though if we don’t look into some further Lego storage options. Back when I was a child I had a single biscuit tin filled with second-hand Lego, how is it that my kids have enough Lego to sink a ship?

Don’t get me wrong I love Lego, I’m terrible for sitting and building models even now in my thirties but surely there is a limit to how to how much Lego two children realistically require?

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