How To Maximise Space In Kids’ Rooms

How To Maximise Space In Kids’ Rooms

What with all the activity surrounding our new extension, we’ve learnt a thing or two about how to make the most of space in kids’ rooms. Until our master bedroom is well and truly ready, we have a little bit of a squash. E’s bedroom is going to become a study, but it is a rather small space. Here’s how my family have managed to store all the kiddy stuff in tiny rooms!

Bunk beds

This is the classic “my kid’s room is too small!” solution: put your dear child on a very high ledge, wall them in with some railings, and pray to whatever god you believe in that they don’t fall out! For real, I love bunk beds: it’s basically a shelving unit for kids. By storing stuff on wall-mounted shelves, you free up space underneath for bulky furniture, and bunk beds serve exactly the same purpose.

Getting a classic single over single bunk bed is great for if you have two kids who share a room, like twins, or if you just want space for those inevitable sleepovers. Loft beds are just the top bunk, but with space underneath for desks, toy boxes, sofas or anything else you need to fit! I really like Bedstar’s choice of bunk and loft beds, as buying stuff online and having it delivered takes out so much hassle!

Multi-functional furniture

Though lots of the multi-functional furniture I love is super expensive, the concept is one we can hang onto. What better way to live than by having everything slot together so neatly… drool. Having a desk that doubles as storage is a great start, as the drawers can be used to put away all the kids’ mess.

If you have a soft chair in your kid’s room, a futon provides fantastic versatility as you can fold it out for guests. And you could even extend the multifunctionality to toys: why buy kids a million different things that could get lost or take up space when you could just buy them one toy that does everything?

Storage solutions

The single biggest enemy of space is clutter. Clothes, toys, books, random crap that kids somehow amass – all of this needs to be tidied away if you want to maximise your space! So creative shelving units are really a life-saver.

Reclaiming space from any nooks and crannies, dividing up closets for better organised clothes, and even hanging portable storage units to stow away soft toys can all help. It’s also a good idea to move things around, like keeping everyone’s shoes in a shoe rack by the front door; Pinterest is my go-to for great ideas!

I’m so excited to give J and E more space to be messy kids, but learning to live in small spaces is an important life skill too. Even broom-closet rooms can feel spacious if you’re clever with your furniture!

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  1. November 1, 2016 / 9:56 pm

    We really struggle with space in the bedrooms. I think it’s going to get worse as he gets older

    Cat x

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