Decorating In Hindsight

Thinking back to when we first moved into our ‘forever home’ there was so much that needed to be done in terms of DIY. We have been here almost five years now and whilst we have worked hard to modernise as much as possible there are still some spaces in need of a major update.

Decorating In Hindsight

Most importantly in my eyes we have yet to rip out the delightful ‘nineties-fruit and pine’ kitchen and replace it with a sleek, modern kitchen suite setup specifically to our requirements. I cant wait to walk into a clean, sleek kitchen without wincing at bright green and orange textured tiles.

There is also the garden to redesign which Paul has already made a start upon this week. Other than that we’ve pretty much done everything else.

The room in which I sit typing at my Macbook as I write this post is now an office decorated in neutral colours. It was once a rainbow themed nursery awaiting the arrival of our precious daughter. Shortly after this room became a flowery, pink room fit for a Princess and over flowing with toys.

Our daughter has since outgrown this room and has moved into a much larger, Barbie pink bedroom which she adores and is incredibly proud to show family and friends that visit. Whilst I am all for brash, bright colours adorning children’s rooms I also adore neutral nursery designs and half wish we had perhaps opted for something of this nature four years ago when we first decorated this room.

If I were to do it all over again, I would opt for baby pink walls with unusual, quirky lighting such as stars, moons, clouds or even hearts accessorised with pale, baby pink bedding and curtains to match. Never again would I chose rainbows and mismatching colour schemes for the kids rooms, the kitchen tiles are enough to deal with!

Decorating In Hindsight

Cox and Cox have some fabulous lighting ideal for a nursery or children’s bedroom. I fell in love with these star and cloud lights whilst browsing online for idea and felt they deserved a share despite being a little over priced at £120 per light fitting.

Thankfully I have a far better sense of design these days or at least I’d like to think I do and given a little time and having saved a few pennies I hope to make a start on the remainder of our ‘to do list’ around the house. Until then I guess me and the fruity nineties baskets will have to learn to get along…

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