Finding A Phone Contract To Fit Your Financial Needs

Anyone with a mobile contract that’s ended after 24 months and is still paying the same amount they were when they first took it is throwing money down the drain.  Chances are the plan you’re on factored in handset repayments so you’re now overpaying by a big chunk every month.

When this happens, it’s all about haggling to get yourself a cheaper monthly plan or more minutes, texts or data. In fact, you have three choices: upgrade to a new phone with your existing provider, switch to a sim only deal and keep your current phone or cancel your contract and move to a new provider.…

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Investing in their Future: Teaching Teenagers About Financial Responsibility

If you’re the parent of a teenager, then you’ll appreciate that this can be a very important time in their lives. Not only are they sometimes a hormonal wreck, but they’re also faced with tackling everything from exams to learning to how to drive and handling the life lessons we all go through at this age.

You’ll also want to support them as well as you can to help put them in good stead for later life, and as such, it can be a good idea to teach them a little about financial responsibility. While there’s the basic – but still pivotal – maths skills they’ll learn at school, we’re specifically referring to some of the monetary aspects of day-to-day life.…

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Quick Ways to Cut Your Monthly Bills

Does it seem like every month, you’re paid your wages, only to have all of the cash immediately disappear from your bank account within the next couple of days? Many of us today find ourselves living from pay to pay, desperately wishing that we had more money to spend on the things we enjoy or put into a savings account for the future.

While some people assume that the only way to get their hands on more cash is to reduce their spending on the things they enjoy most, the truth is that you don’t have to give up what you love to live a healthier life financially.…

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Three Taboo Relationship Issues And How To Resolve Them

Three Taboo Relationship Issues And How To Resolve Them

Being open and honest with your other half is essential if you’re to have a long and happy relationship. Let’s face it though, being transparent about everything isn’t always easy. Like lots of people, you might find there are some topics you struggle to discuss with your partner. To help you get over your inhibitions, here are three taboo relationship issues and suggestions on how to resolve them.

Problems Between The Sheets

Bringing up any problems you’re experiencing between the sheets might make you blush. You may also feel guilty or even ashamed if things aren’t working out in the bedroom.…

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The Pocket Money Plan

Like most kids, our son J goes through phases of obsessing over particular things whether it be a certain toy, a tv series or most recently, money.

J has numerous money boxes which have been given to him over the years. He divides his money between his various tins and pots all of which he looks after in his bedroom. A little while ago we noticed that J became rather taken with emptying his money boxes, counting his coins and then more worryingly hiding small piles of coins and notes here and there around his room.

When asked why he did this, J explained that he was worried his money may get stolen.…

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