#FessUpFriday with Karen Dennis

Welcome to another week of #FessUpFriday This weeks #FessUpFriday instalment comes from Karen Dennis, a Mum, Step Mum and Grandparent from North Devon. In the past Karen has worked as a child minder and pre-school development worker, she therefore has plenty of experience with children! Karen now blogs as ‘TheNextBestThingToMum’ over at https://karendennis1.wordpress.com When I was child minding, a child pulled down another child’s trousers and pants, this just happened to take place in front of an Ofsted inspector. The child told her “We always get naked at Karen’s house!” I would like to thank Karen for sharing a short,… View Post

#FessUpFriday With Kate From confessionsofanewmummy.co.uk

This weeks #FessUpFriday is written by Kate from www.confessionsofanewmummy.co.uk  Kate is a married Mum of two from Norfolk whom began blogging shortly after becoming a Mum as a way to record those precious ‘first moments’ and to share her thoughts upon Motherhood. Kate also shares her crafting projects and the progress upon renovating her recently purchased home along with a whole host of other topics with her many readers. Back in October 2012, E would have been approximately 10 weeks.  We had a mixed first few weeks, I absolutely loved being a Mum but in the first couple of weeks after giving birth… View Post

#FessUpFriday – Don’t Get Your Knickers In A Twist

Welcome to my first ever #FessUpFriday blog series post. To begin the series, I felt it was only right for me to ‘fess up’ first… September 2013 was a fairly busy time for me to say the least. E was only two weeks old whilst my first-born, J was about to start school for the very first time. We had spent months preparing for this momentous occasion, we had been out and had bought the uniform, PE kit, school bag, PE bag, socks, shoes, pumps, school coat, pencil-case, stationary, lunch box, drinks bottle and all the rest of the logo-covered paraphernalia… View Post

Welcome To ‘Fess Up Friday’

Welcome to my newest blog series, ‘Fess Up Friday’. Each Friday I will be selecting one story from bloggers Worldwide confessing their most embarrassing moments and parent/ life fails. Lets turn parent guilt into a giggle and raise a smile for the weekend with our funniest and most ‘dig me a hole to crawl into’ real life stories. If you fancy taking part in the #FessUpFriday blog series then email your story to contact@rachelswirl.co.uk View Post