#FessUpFriday with Karen Dennis

Welcome to another week of #FessUpFriday

This weeks #FessUpFriday instalment comes from Karen Dennis, a Mum, Step Mum and Grandparent from North Devon. In the past Karen has worked as a child minder and pre-school development worker, she therefore has plenty of experience with children! Karen now blogs as ‘TheNextBestThingToMum’ over at https://karendennis1.wordpress.com

#FessUpFriday 27/05/2016 with Karen Dennis

When I was child minding, a child pulled down another child’s trousers and pants, this just happened to take place in front of an Ofsted inspector. The child told her “We always get naked at Karen’s house!”

I would like to thank Karen for sharing a short, sweet but side-splitting ‘Friday Funny’ for this weeks #FessUpFriday.

#FessUpFriday 27/05/2016 with Karen Dennis


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  1. July 9, 2016 / 7:59 pm

    Thanks for sharing my funny story, You can read more about my childcminding tales on my blog the next best thing to mummy x

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