#FessUpFriday With Kate From confessionsofanewmummy.co.uk

This weeks #FessUpFriday is written by Kate from www.confessionsofanewmummy.co.uk 

Kate is a married Mum of two from Norfolk whom began blogging shortly after becoming a Mum as a way to record those precious ‘first moments’ and to share her thoughts upon Motherhood. Kate also shares her crafting projects and the progress upon renovating her recently purchased home along with a whole host of other topics with her many readers.

#FessUpFriday With Kate From confessionsofanewmummy.co.uk

Back in October 2012, E would have been approximately 10 weeks.  We had a mixed first few weeks, I absolutely loved being a Mum but in the first couple of weeks after giving birth I was very poorly with a haemorrhage and recovery made breastfeeding a struggle. So by 10 weeks I was starting to feel like we had turned a corner and were getting into some sort of rhythm.

My Mum had come to stay with us for a few days and a rough night with multiple wake ups (as you would expect), and as I had a few items of baby clothes to exchange we decided to go shopping and have some lunch out.  In my somewhat sleep deprived state, that might not have been the best idea.  I knew it was going to be one of those days when we went in to Mothercare to exchange an outfit.  It was a size too big and summery and she just wasn’t going to get any wear out of it, so I carefully picked out a new item and took it up to the counter. That was all well and good but I could see the shop assistant looking at me strangely and she kept starting to talk and say something to me before stopping. You see, the outfit I was trying to return wasn’t from Mothercare at all but Boots. I was mortified but needless to say the shop assistants all found it very funny. 

So after making a fool of myself in Mothercare and getting some more shopping, we decided to get lunch as E was getting restless and needed feeding so we popped into Prezzos. Just as the waitress delivered our food and left the table there was a very loud noise from E’s direction, followed by an unmistakable smell.  And this was where everything went wrong.  Firstly, Prezzo’s had no baby changing facilities, always helpful, so we had to change her on the floor of the restaurant, luckily for the other diners we were sat at the back out of the way.  And then came the moment that I realised every item she was wearing needed changing. Brilliant. Even more brilliant? I had forgotten to pack spares in the changing bag. I was very thankful for the cardigan I had taken off her earlier and the blankets. That and Primark, which was just a few minutes away!  I remember getting her changed next to their changing rooms and everyone watching as I unwrapped her from the blanket. I was so worried at what people thought (now though? I wouldn’t care!). 

Needless to say, since then I have been pretty good at remembering to take spare clothing with me!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kate for sharing her story on my blog and being part of the ‘FessUpFriday’ blog series.

#FessUpFriday With Kate From confessionsofanewmummy.co.uk


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