Tori Amos Here We Come

How frickin hard can it be to choose an outfit for an evening spent in the dark?! Having spent the past forty minutes changing tops and alternating dresses I eventually settled on my trusty dungaree dress paired with an off-the-shoulder striped top and a Tori Amos necklace from a concert way back when.

Isn’t it weird how we plan to put the effort in and to look a little different for that ‘special night’ yet we end up straightening our hair into the same style and turning to the ‘safer’ clothing options? I fully intended to go out tonight with a head full of curls wearing something a little different, a little kooky perhaps but nerves got the better of me.

Tori Amos Here We Come

I may well be in my thirties and slightly more at ease with my body these days but that being said I am also far less inclined to ‘give a damn’ about the clothes that I choose to wear, these days I tend to favour comfort over style which isn’t entirely adventurous or outgoing but is certainly practical as a parent.

Tonight is of the course the night that Paul and I are off down to Manchester to watch Tori Amos play live at The Palace Theatre, a venue which up until now I have never been to nor have a clue where it is but hopefully sat nav will do its job and we should get there in one piece.

I am so excited its unreal! I have been listening to her albums back to back ever since I was seven years old and although I’ve seen her play live countless times (thirteen or fourteen times perhaps?) I am still just as revved up as I first was when I saw her play in the York Barbican Centre back in 1994. Since then I’ve always tended to watch her at the Manchester Apollo but not this time so it seems. I guess with a new venue comes a whole new experience which I am sure I will blog upon shortly.

Until then I have countless chores to work through before my Mother comes over to look after my little ones, I also have a food shop to get done which will no doubt be fruitless as I’m fairly certain that the kids will be spoilt with a chippy tea and why not given that their Grandparents will be in charge?

Until then I must quash the nerves, settle the excitement and crack on with my day whilst of course singing along to countless Tori tunes before our big night ahead.

Tori Amos Here We Come


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