Not A Label Girl

Having being handed a few bags of clothes for E from my good friend D I set about washing, drying and storing said clothes in E’s many cupboards and drawers all of which were carefully sorted and organised ready for wear over the next year or so.

I seem to have a really good ‘clothing exchange’ setup with a few of my good friends, along with the all essential eBay, Facebook selling pages and odd bargain picked up whilst out and about shopping I am able to stylishly cloth my children with relatively little outgoing costs.

As for my own clothing I tend to buy most of it online and am not afraid nor ashamed to admit that I too love a good eBay bargain for myself. I often find that most clothes purchased online are barely worn and given a quick wash are ideal for wearing whilst pulling pints or chasing children as I care far less about stains or such like as my clothes cost very little in comparison to those odd items I rarely treat myself to whilst out shopping in the high street.

Not A Label Girl

My wardrobe is probably 70% second-hand and barely any of my clothing is of a particular label as I for some reason or other despise branding on clothing. Don’t get me wrong, there are specific brands that I will happily wear usually upon my feet or draped casually over my shoulder, yep shoes and bags!

However, I tend not to like wearing clothing covered in blatant advertisement or branding as it doesn’t really float my boat. I’m not sure whether you would term my fashion sense as stylish as such, it’s certainly unique and often termed as ‘boho’ by family and friends, either way I’m quite happy with my clothing lacking labels or baring branding.

Not A Label Girl

There is one particular item of clothing that I’ve recently spotted whilst browsing the ‘tinterweb’ which is subtly tagged with a well-known brand name and given that dungaree dresses are currently ‘my in thing‘ I may well have to overlook my loathe for labels simply to acquire said tan dungaree dress. It’s not often that I make an exception to the rule but a dress is a dress after all!

I’m not totally against labels as I will happily wear MK watches, Pandora bracelets, Skecher shoes, Ugg boots and accessories of almost any kind but physical clothing is another matter. I often find labelled clothing lacks quality and given the expense of such items I would prefer to spend my money on alternative items which will cost far less, last longer and appeal to me far more than any brand name.




  1. June 12, 2017 / 8:42 pm

    I’m with you – I’ve got lots of second-hand clothes as do the boys, and always buy cheaper brands than look for labels… I’m so tight!

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