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With the summer holidays coming to an end it won’t be long before I’m back on the school run come rain, hail or shine. Having worn my beloved ‘duvet style’ winter coat to within an inch of its life I am now on the hunt for a replacement to keep me warm and dry whilst out and about.

I’ve never really been a lover of labels, I see very little point in becoming a walking, talking sandwich board for brands. However, there is one particular brand which has quietly crept into my wardrobe and swayed me towards being a label lover simply due to the style and quality of their clothing.

SuperDry clothing (owned by SuperGroup PLC, a British international branded clothing company) combines vintage Americana style clothing with Japanese inspired graphics. It’s not the label as such that I’m keen upon but the actual style and format of the clothing.

Whilst the majority of my wardrobe consists of unlabeled, kooky clothing I have recently added a number of SuperDry fashion pieces including tops and dresses. Although I tend to live in either jeans, leggings or dungaree dresses, I like to add kooky statement pieces such as tops, scarves, jackets and such like to accentuate my look.

Having scoured the internet for cut-price deals upon winter jackets and fashion items I came across Love The Sales, a leading website for shopping the sales online. ‘Love The Sales’ has partnered up with over six hundred of the Worlds biggest stores including SuperDry, BooHoo, Michael Kors, Ted Baker and French Connection to name just a few to find the best offers online.

Although I originally intended on finding and buying just a coat, I’ve since found numerous other items which would also be ideal for the autumn and winter season. Having found myself stunned by the sales price tags I suspect that the post lady (or postman!) may well be delivering more than just a jacket after all!Super SuperDry Prices With Love The Sales

This SuperDry ‘Grey Marl Winter Coat’ (above) for example was originally £84.99 but is now down to an affordable £59.49. It looks ideal for keeping me cosy whilst stood waiting in the yard.

I’ve also found two other hoodies and a cardigan all of which I quite fancy sending for given the prices offered online.

As you can see there is plenty of choice, actually a little too much choice for my liking given my obsession with fashion. Either way, Love The Sales has plenty of fairly priced, high quality options from me to choose from.

This post was written Via ‘Love The Sales’, all opinions are my own.

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