Donning Denim For Jeans For Genes Day

It’s official, autumn has most definitely arrived and already the winter warmers have made an appearance. What better to wear than a comfy pair of jeans, a sloppy jumper and slipper boots? I’m all for comfort clothing and this is certainly the season for that!

To celebrate ‘Jeans for Genes Day‘ this Friday 21st September, I will be ditching the dress code and donning the denim. ‘Jeans for Genes Day’ is an annual fundraising campaign, raising both money and awareness for individuals and families affected by genetic disorders in and around the UK. Money raised for this charity helps to provide grants for organisations and projects which aim to transform the lives of children with genetic disorders.

Donning Denim For Jeans For Genes Day

Being a tad on the curvy side, denim doesn’t always suit my shape. However, I have found working with stretchy, flared and less fitted designs tends to make things a little easier. Simply Be has some incredible soft, stretchy fabrics suitable from sizes ten to thirty-two, this certainly makes size less of an issue, which in my eyes is an incredible feat especially when it comes to denim.

Donning Denim For Jeans For Genes Day

Simply Be’s current range of denim wear includes some rather cute ‘Erin Bootcut Jeggings‘ which I quite fancy adding to my wardrobe for the winter as there’s nothing worse than feasting on festive food and feeling the pinch of your pants.

Denim needn’t be tight-fitting: there are plenty of comfortable options for this casual classic. As you may have noticed (should you happen to either know me in person or follow my instagram) I’m a big fan of dungaree dresses. Over the past year or two I have collected numerous dungaree dresses in various colours, fabrics and designs, all of which I team with either a vest top, t-shirt or a long-sleeved top dependent upon the season, my current favourite is a simple, stone wash, denim dungaree dress which can be worn with almost anything.

Donning Denim For Jeans For Genes Day

Simply Be’s ‘Frill sleeve soft tencel denim swing dress‘ is yet another example of a comfy, casual, classic. I personally think that this dress would look lovely worn with a pair of tights and some knee-high boots, either that or with a pair of plimsoles in the summer.

Donning Denim For Jeans For Genes Day

Theres a whole host of desirable denims in a variety of shapes, fits and sizes available via Simply Be, all of which are fashionable, functional and very fairly priced. For further information upon their current range visit

To be honest, it doesn’t matter what the weather may be when it comes to my clothing as I usually always steer towards denim; whether its dungaree dresses, jackets, shorts, crop pants or jeans – I’m a denim diva, I live in denim and couldn’t be without it.

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