How To Get The Balance Between A Modest And Gorgeous Homecoming Dress

When you are looking for a modest homecoming dress, the dress choice isn’t as bleak as it sounds. Despite there being several cut-out and shorter gowns these days, there are also plenty longer, elegant homecoming gowns too.

No matter what your reasons for choosing a modest dress are, the important thing to take away is you can find something flattering. No, it doesn’t have to be boring or be covering every inch of you but there are things to look out for that make your search easier.

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How To Get The Balance Between A Modest And Gorgeous Homecoming Dress

Choosing Modest Yet Flattering Homecoming Gowns
 Tip 1  – Take your favourite dress and alter it

 If your gown of preference is not as modest as you might have hoped, there are always ways you can get creative. For example, several homecoming dresses may not have straps. If this is the case you can simply add a shawl or add a pretty, embellished crop top underneath the gown. This way you don’t bare your shoulders or back whilst showing off the full glory of the dress.

Tip 2 – Go with knee-length or longer

Knee length gowns can still be fitted without being too revealing or hugging the figure. You simply have to choose something that comes in at the waist and out at the hips. This creates a flattering hourglass shape whilst keeping the tone modern and chic.

Tip 3  – Get a two piece

 Two-pieces have been on trend for a while now and don’t look as though they are getting old. Two pieces are inherently models and super flattering. They come in some gorgeous, sparkly designs that will have all eyes on you. The skirts are always floor length and the tops cover the shoulders and show no skin apart from the arms. So, whilst you remain modest you also get to flaunt the latest fashion.

Tip 4  – Think about the jumpsuit

 Known for gracing the red carpets, you too can look utterly show-stopping in the full jumpsuit. With wide legs or slim fits, there are some fantastically fancy jumpsuits out there that will help you keep your modest code. At the same time, the outfit is naturally elegant and stylish. So, you get to show off your figure whilst ensuring nothing risky is on display.


As you can tell, there are plenty of ways to get creative when it comes to wearing something flattering yet modest. Modest doesn’t have to mean boring and it definitely shouldn’t be when it comes to homecoming.

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