Having a ‘Good Friday’

Having a 'Good Friday'My wonderful husband let me sleep in this morning. I say this morning, it was almost afternoon! I don’t usually get to lay in bed but it is something I really needed considering I haven’t been completely 100% since the terrible stomach bug the other week. Upon eventually waking I pottered around and worked upon the Friday chores such as stripping beds and putting washing loads on, all of which was far more laid back than usual and without my ‘little helper’. It felt like some sort of alternative universe actually gets jobs done without having to run back and forth mid-task to entertain a toddler. I really do have a ‘good egg‘ with Paul, see what I did there?

We all had a late lunch together around the table then played in the living room with all of the many toys that the kids have been spoilt with over the past few months. From dolls houses to kitchens, it’s as if we own the Mulberry Bush catalogue and our living room is actually their show room. I don’t mind in the slightest as I love seeing the kids playing so well together, and whilst many people dream of having a Next catalogue minimalist living area, we will never have that and quite frankly I don’t think I’d ever want it either. What you see is what you get with us, that includes the chaos and the mess.

It’s been a fairly positive week all round, I have finally got my backside into gear with job applications and although there is probably squat diddly chance of me actually getting a new job, I at least feel like I am making progress in terms of making an effort. It’s kinda odd being a blogger at times because you never really know how people might take it, especially when writing job applications. It’s not that I write ‘Blogger’ upon my CV but I am fully aware that employers will probably Google their potential employees and may come across my random ramblings. Some people think that blogging and social media usage are good skills to have, whereas others are completely weirded out by the whole thing.

People within my neck of the woods can sometimes be quite narrow-minded, certainly when it comes to the internet, nevermind blogging! This also applies to the acceptance of ‘differences’, I think it’s a rural thing. Speaking of my local area, The newest BBC Drama, ‘The A Word’ aired on Tuesday evening. As mentioned in my previous post, this was based in my whereabouts ¬†and I am so glad it was! People seemed to watch it purely to see their local area on the TV, unaware of the actual subject focus (autism). Hopefully this has raised awareness of the condition to people who may not have previously known about or understood autism, this can only be a good thing! Paul and I watched it like hawks, we were very impressed by how the BBC portrayed the condition but felt that many people would make the mistake of assuming that they now knew how autism appeared in young children. I just want to explain that if you have seen one child with autism, you have seen precisely that, just one child with autism. Anyhow it was great TV and certainly worth watching if you haven’t already.

On Wednesday we had J’s parents afternoon, I was apprehensive to say the least, as we never really know what to expect with J, it can go one of two ways depending upon how he’s been coping within school. I was half expecting to come out feeling frustrated and mouthing “Up yours Autism” whilst giving the middle finger to the sky. I was completely not¬†expecting to come out skipping with joy, which is precisely what I did including skipping to the car with the stupidest grin plastered on my face. As it turns out J is doing really well, far better than we had ever dreamed of. Yeh sure, he struggles in some areas as we all do, but who the hell can be good at everything? I sure as hell can’t! I was so proud of J that my heart-felt as if it might just burst.

Speaking of bursting, I am now bursting for the loo having consumed way too much caffeine even after a lay in and need to get ready for my usual bar shift.


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