Easter Is Finally Upon Us

Easter Is Finally Upon UsHow exactly is it March already? Nevermind that, how on earth have we got to Easter so flipping quickly? It feels as if it was only christmas last week, yet here we are with easter eggs hidden from the kids on the counter tops ready for the weekend. Whilst I allow others to buy our children chocolate easter eggs, I have never bought either of my children an easter egg because I know that they receive far more than enough chocolate from family and friends. Instead, I get each of my children a gift, this is usually a toy of their choice which they can play with, rather than yet another egg and even more sugar which will only send them dolally and result in us having to peel them from the ceiling. This year I have got J the Nexo Knights Lego set and E a Rapunzel Barbie Doll. I am pretty sure that they will both be fairly pleased with my efforts.

As always, I have made an attempt to be creative and make cards for our close family. I try to do this for Valentines Day, Easter and Christmas. Whilst I greatly enjoy being crafty, I usually find myself struggling for new ideas each year and often resort to crawling through Pinterest pages for inspiration. This year, I saved myself the pain of pinterest pondering and kept things simple. I cut out some basic Easter chick shapes and then gave E some glue and bits and pieces to decorate each card with. Whilst it may be advantageous for a chick to have six eyes which are randomly located upon its body in a similar fashion to a Monsters Inc character, it doesn’t really say ‘Easter’. I tried my hardest to give E full freedom with the glue and decorations but I have to admit, I couldn’t help but to help. We eventually managed to complete six fairly adequate looking cards, which considering that E was due her nap and had started to lose all focus was definitely a win.

I have managed to keep the kids fairly sedate following the school pickup, as I am fully aware that they will want to visit their Auntie Hannah and Uncle Robbie who are currently staying with my in-laws, before they leave for London tomorrow. Whenever the kids get to spend time with their Auntie and Uncle they both become buzz bombs, loaded with excitement and usually a Freddo or two. I am hoping that by allowing my kids to lig out for an hour of two at this end of the day, they will have enough energy left to burn later when we go over to say our goodbyes.

Following this I am hoping to sit down, relax and watch ‘The A Word‘, a new series telling the story of a young boy with autism featured on BBC One tonight. The subject area is fairly close to our hearts and so I am hoping that they make a true interpretation of Autism and more than anything, promote awareness of the condition.

The A Word was actually filmed in my parents village (Broughton-in-Furness) and at the time caused some disruption, due to people being unable to drive through or park in the area during filming. Whilst it was filmed in Broughton-in-Furness, I have heard a rumour that they are going to lay claim that it is actually Coniston. These two places may look similar in some ways and are pretty close by to each other in terms of location, but in reality, they are Worlds apart. Broughton is lacking a lake for one thing… Actually saying that, Coniston doesn’t have a lake either, it has a ‘Water’. It’s amusing really, this area is named ‘The Lake District’ and yet there is actually only one real lake in the entire area, all the others are either tarns, waters or… whatever else you might call a large surface area filled with water, dare I say a flood? This probably isn’t very funny following the past few months, but you either laugh or cry right?

Speaking of crying, E is about to do just that as she is on a mission to find her drink and so far it has proved unsuccessful. Best dash before the real tears start. #mumlife




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