Cracking Alternative Easter Gifts With HMV

I don’t know about you but there is only so much chocolate that I can stomach. Whilst I love Easter and the sweet treats that it brings to our household I am all too aware of my ever-expanding waist line and try my very hardest to stay clear of the calories.

Each year the children are sent piles of chocolate eggs from well-meaning family and friends all of which are currently hidden on top of our wardrobes in Paul’s suitcase  awaiting the Easter weekend. I have no problem with allowing chocolate into my children’s diet but I am very conscious that each and every mouthful of the sweet stuff results in an egg-streme sugar-induced high which isn’t entirely enjoyable from a parents point of view.

Cracking Alternative Easter Gifts With HMV

This is why I choose to select alternative Easter gifts for my own children, they get enough chocolate as it is! What better way to celebrate Easter than by sitting as a family and watching a film or listening to Music which can be enjoyed time and time again?

Our cupboards are piled high with Disney DVDs and box sets, being a Disney diva there’s one thing I firmly believe and that’s ‘you can never have enough Disney’. Since when does watching a Disney classic result in weight gain? It doesn’t… unlike scoffing mounds of Easter eggs which in my case only need to be glanced at for the pounds to pile on.

Easter gifts needn’t be egg-stravagent or require weeks worth of eggs-ercise to burn off the bulge. It’s for this reason that I have swapped the sweets and snacks for CDs, ditched the desserts for DVDs and given the goodies the boot for games. No longer will I be a victim to myself, it’s time to kick the ‘see food diet’ into touch. Easter and its many eggs may be here but I’d rather not look like one!

Cracking Alternative Easter Gifts With HMV

HMV currently have some cracking deals on DVD’s including Disney films which are currently priced at £12 for 2! Whether your la la about La La Land (currently available on DVD for only £9.99 from HMV) or potty about Paddington (which is also on offer on DVD for only £5.99 at HMV) HMV have it all covered.

With such egg-cellent’ offers including two DVDs for only £10 or even better, five DVDs for £20, you cannot beat HMV’s egg-ceptional deals on DVDs this Easter.

Stay on the sunny side up and avoid the chocolate overload by opting for an egg-citing, alternative Easter gift.

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