The Endless Wait For New Windows

There seems to be never-ending ‘DIY yet to do’ lists mounting up in my mind. We have so much to get finished in and around the house that it’s beginning to irk me somewhat.

I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that but we have now been let down by numerous companies promising to come along and quote us for windows and doors around the house. It seems that our business cannot be of importance to them as they have failed to turn up and those that have visited have neglected from giving us a quote at all!

The longer that it actually takes for us to receive and decide upon a suitable quote the longer it will be until we can have said windows and doors fitted which in the long-term will hold us back from powering on with additional work such as replacing the rank kitchen that I’ve endlessly ranted about for the past year or so.

Paul has finally made a start upon clearing the garden for the ‘garden makeover’ but bless him, no matter how hard we try this Easter we are both finding it equally difficult to do much of anything other than to keep the the kids alive and entertained providing each of them with endless activities whilst refereeing bickering over one or the other’s refusal to share.

The Endless Wait For New WindowsWhilst Paul potters around the garden lugging paving slabs about whilst simultaneously pushing E on the swing, I’ve been having a look online for window solutions. I found the ideal window design for keeping the kids safe – balcony bars! It’d be like a mini prison perfect for our mini people… haha!

Whatever windows we do finally select must be super safe with us having two kids. We may have window locks for now but I sure as hell don’t trust them! I’m hoping that when we finally do have new windows fitted we may be able to find a safer and more suitable option.

The Endless Wait For New WindowsOn a serious note though whilst Barrier Components ‘Juliet balcony’s’ can be a great feature to your home, their site has certainly inspired me with alternatives to the french doors which Paul and I had discussed.

Whether or not folding doors would be safe for little fingers I’m not sure but they look really nice and are certainly something to consider.

If only the blinking builders would pull their fingers out and send us a quote, I’m not one for rushing things but the longer I have to sit staring through misty, blown windows the more irritable I feel and the less patient I become. As for the numerous other companies that have phoned us with false promises, well the least said about them the better!

How long does it realistically take to have your house measured for windows, to be given a suitable quote and for windows to actually be fitted? Give me a clue because I’m beginning to lose the will to live!

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