Easy Redecorating Ideas That Can Be Done In Under An Hour

Everyone likes to live in a nice home. It always feels good to arrive home after a long day, walk in and feel instantly relaxed. The problem is that the demands of modern family life make it quite difficult to keep your home looking the way you want.

For most families, putting aside a whole weekend to decorate the lounge is just not practical. There is just too much going on to be able to devote such a large block of time to a DIY task. Fortunately, as you will see, most decorating projects can be broken down into smaller tasks. This approach will enable you to fit them in around the other things you need to get done.

Updating your wall art

What you put on your walls has a big impact on how nice your home looks. Simply updating your photos and paintings can sometimes be enough to make the difference you need. Using firms like hellocanvas.co.uk you can create unique artwork for your walls in under 20-minutes. You just need to find a photo you like, upload it then choose the size and finish. Once your print arrives just take the old picture down and hang the new one on the same nail.

Easy Redecorating Ideas That Can Be Done In Under An Hour


Paint a room quickly

If a room needs a bit more work and you actually need to repaint it, you will find this YouTube tutorial especially helpful. It explains how to get everything ready. Little things like pulling together all of your tools the night before will make the whole job go far faster. Two people working together as an organised team can paint a bedroom in just a morning. Another approach is to tackle one wall at a time. That way you will just need to spend an hour four times to get the job done. If you do take this approach just be sure to keep all of your tools and materials together in one place. This will save you from wasting half an hour searching around for everything you need to get started on the job.

Easy Redecorating Ideas That Can Be Done In Under An Hour


Other Ways To Update Your Walls

If you do not want to get the rollers out, you could wallpaper one wall to give a room a new look. This is likely to take more than an hour by the time you have moved all of the furniture, mixed the paste and put the wallpapering table up. But, if you buy the pre-pasted type you can cut the roll into sections on your dining room table and save yourself a bit of time.

A good alternative to wallpapering is to use a wall sticker. You can easily buy these online and they come in all sizes, so you can easily buy one that will cover an entire wall.

Easy Redecorating Ideas That Can Be Done In Under An Hour


Lay A New Floor

Provided you choose the right type of flooring, you can potentially renew the floor in a small room like a bathroom or kitchen in less than an hour. Modern linoleum looks great and goes down really easy. Laminated flooring takes a bit more effort, but is very easy to lay. Again, there are plenty of how to videos available on YouTube.

As with all things, where there is a will, there is a way. If you are tight on time, you just have to approach the task of keeping your home d├ęcor up to date in a slightly novel way.

Easy Redecorating Ideas That Can Be Done In Under An Hour

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