Theres so much that Paul and I want to get done around the house, sadly though as money doesn’t grow on trees we will have to bide our time with the DIY project list and learn to live with the cloudy windows and eighties style kitchen for the time being.

I don’t think that watching back to back episodes of My Dream Home really helps the situation as the more opportunity for development we see the more we find ourselves discussing ‘what could be’ in our own home.

Should we happen to fall upon £40k without taking out a some form of finance , winning the lottery or selling a kidney then at least we have the ideas and plans at the ready for the go ahead.

Firstly we need to install french doors which open out onto the decking, we then need to replace two kitchen windows, a large bay window, a large bedroom window, a bathroom window, two small single windows and our front door which are you can imagine comes at a hefty price.


We have already received numerous quotes from well-known glaziers but have opted to stick with our trusty builder Joe as he is able to fit a window at a time, saving us from having to pay for everything at once. This seems the more affordable and more attainable option at this current point in time.

Only once the windows and doors have been replaced will we then be able to make a start upon our kitchen plans. This is where things get a little complicated as we plan to ‘go all out demo’ on the walls, restructuring the layout of our kitchen and dining area before installing vast amounts of storage cabinets, new appliances, clean plain-looking tiles, modern lighting rigs and a shiny new floor. This is going to be possibly one of the most costly projects other than the recent extension work but one which I look forward to working upon or at least designing and delegating to the builders to crack on with.


Having watched yet another episode of My Dream Home Paul and I found ourselves discussing the idea of ‘open concept’ layouts which then led us to discussing the idea of doing away with our vestibule and converting our current garage space into a second living area. Unless we found ourselves a humongous shed to store all the crap that currently resides in our garage I very much doubt this would ever be an option never mind the outgoing costs involved.

As you can tell from all that I’ve said (above) we have some rather grand plans but until our budget is able to reflect our DIY dreams then there is very little we can actually do other than pipe dream. Realistically, we have done so much to our house in the past twelve months in terms of DIY with the extension, five bedroom alterations and the garden makeover it seems foolish to push ourselves at this point. However, we are a determined duo and will no doubt find a way somehow or other to at least make a start on the list before the end of the year.

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