Easy Redecorating Ideas That Can Be Done In Under An Hour

Everyone likes to live in a nice home. It always feels good to arrive home after a long day, walk in and feel instantly relaxed. The problem is that the demands of modern family life make it quite difficult to keep your home looking the way you want.

For most families, putting aside a whole weekend to decorate the lounge is just not practical. There is just too much going on to be able to devote such a large block of time to a DIY task. Fortunately, as you will see, most decorating projects can be broken down into smaller tasks.…

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Theres so much that Paul and I want to get done around the house, sadly though as money doesn’t grow on trees we will have to bide our time with the DIY project list and learn to live with the cloudy windows and eighties style kitchen for the time being.

I don’t think that watching back to back episodes of My Dream Home really helps the situation as the more opportunity for development we see the more we find ourselves discussing ‘what could be’ in our own home.

Should we happen to fall upon £40k without taking out a some form of finance , winning the lottery or selling a kidney then at least we have the ideas and plans at the ready for the go ahead.…

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The Endless Wait For New Windows

There seems to be never-ending ‘DIY yet to do’ lists mounting up in my mind. We have so much to get finished in and around the house that it’s beginning to irk me somewhat.

I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that but we have now been let down by numerous companies promising to come along and quote us for windows and doors around the house. It seems that our business cannot be of importance to them as they have failed to turn up and those that have visited have neglected from giving us a quote at all!…

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The Never Ending DIY Lists

I am finally feeling back to myself and now have a whole load of housework and chores to catch up on from the past week or two.

I’m not entirely sure what I did before having children but I am damn sure that I didn’t spend half as much time cleaning and washing the house and it’s contents. I’m not saying that I was a dirty girl as being a OCD freak I am pretty sure that I kept the house looking tidy back then.

Whether it’s spending more time in the house and therefore being more aware of my surroundings or if it’s simply having children I’m not sure.…

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Bring Comfort Into Your Home This Christmas With The Nordic Christmas Fleece

I Love Our Home Comforts

Theres nothing quite like snuggling up on the sofa under a soft, fluffy blanket for comfort in the winter time. We have numerous blankets and throws spread around the house most of which are of the soft, fluffy variety as our kids like to keep warm during the early mornings and of an evening when they winding down for bedtime.

I especially like to be sure that there is plenty of comfort spread around the house over the Christmas period, simple accessories such as pretty twinkly lights, festive scented candles and of course soft, fluffy blankets can make all the difference in bringing Christmas into the home.…

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