Riding & Sliding At The Sandcastle Waterpark

For those of you that regularly read my posts, you may have read that Paul was rather poorly over his birthday. Due to this, we weren’t entirely sure as to whether we’d manage a day out to Blackpool, thankfully though we got it together for the following day and sure enough, we had a super time at the Sandcastle Waterpark.

Surprisingly E made it all the way to Blackpool without so much as a squeak, I’m suspecting that it may have been the travel bands taking effect, either that or I’m very much hoping that she’s finally growing out of her travel sickness. Either way, it was pretty awesome to make it all the way there without having to stop for her to be sick.

Riding & Sliding At The Sandcastle Waterpark

As it was Paul’s birthday treat, I decided to upgrade our swimming bands to include the adult rides, this was a first for J as he was too young to ride said slides last time we swam at the Sandcastle. Having never ridden the slides myself, I was pretty impressed with the surge and the speed of the rides within the waterpark.

We took it in turns to ride the slides, whilst one of us stayed with E as she made her way like a mermaid throughout the entire waterpark. Her swimming lessons are already paying off as E has far more confidence in the water now, she’s quite happy to get her face wet, in fact she spent the majority of the day nose-diving into the water whilst pretending to be a dolphin, as you do when you’re five-years old. Both J & E had the most wonderful time at the water park and I was so glad that we got out to celebrate as a family for the day.

Sadly though, twenty-four hours later, I too came down with the dreaded stomach bug. I spent almost the entire of yesterday curled up under a blanket with intense abdominal pain. I was meant to have a couple of friends over for dinner, but that didn’t happen, not a lot happened really which was a bit of a bummer for the kids.

I woke this morning in a lather of a sweat, I’d forgotten the extremity of ‘fever dreams’. I swear my dream felt so real last night I was practically pinching myself when I woke. Having had a quick shower, I feel a little brighter; I still have horrid stomach ache and wouldn’t dare edge too far away from the bathroom but I’m at least improving. I’m hoping that I can keep some dinner down and then later take the kids to the roller disco, fingers crossed!

The weather isn’t exactly what we’d expected for the run up to Easter. It’s blowing a hooley here and is apparently snowing in other parts of the UK. I’m pretty sure that Mother Nature missed the memo regarding the season switch, either that or she’s trying to make me feel better for being stuck indoors.

Half of the holidays have sailed by in a sea of sickness, it can’t be helped but I’m not entirely impressed with the household being badly during our time off together. I guess there’s still a week left to enjoy and with a little luck we might just do that!



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