Show Me Show Me A Great Day Out.

It was Pauls first day off this half term, he booked it especially as I had managed to get tickets for the CBeebies Chris and Pui Roadshow (based upon the TV show Show Me Show Me).

We all woke up fairly early, managed to get dressed and ready to leave the house without a great deal of fuss which I have to say is fairly spectacular considering that getting out of the door is usually comparable to preparing for an expedition to the North Pole. Even better, we somehow managed to transport E for forty-five minutes to Barrow in the car round windy bends without her painting the back seats with her breakfast! Amazing, truly amazing! We should really be given some sort of medal as I felt that blumming proud when I stepped out of the car I almost did a dance in the car park, I somehow managed to withhold my urge and save the kids the embarrassment of having to be seen with ‘the nutty Mother’.

We weren’t exactly early (which I always like to be as I have OCD and somehow have to be stupidly prepared) but we weren’t late so it was a bonus. We went straight into the Forum and got seated then the show began. It was E’s first time watching a live show or any show for that matter and so I wasn’t sure what to expect from her in terms of behaviour considering she’s only two years of age and suffers from ants in her pants syndrome (What two-year old doesn’t?) .

Show me show me a great day out.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that E was happy watching the show and wasn’t upset by the bright lights or loud sounds. Meanwhile J had sussed out that most of the audience (other than parents) were aged between eighteen months and four years old. He had the frown on that told me all I needed to know about being a sulky six-year-old worried about losing his street cred. He refused point-blank to join in with the renditions of Twinkle Twinkle or The Grand Old Duke of York (despite my best efforts to move his arms for him, he remained stern and sullen throughout). Paul and I exchanged knowing glances and decided not to poke the bear by pushing him any further and low and behold twenty minutes later he was unable to withhold himself from clapping along every now and then. I even saw him smile, just the once but still I know secretly he enjoyed that show, he just won’t admit to it… Bless he’s six and he’s already turning into a teenager.

After the show we waited in the foyer for Chris and Pui as they are known to sign cards and share selfies. That they did and us being in luck were first in the queue! J soon perked up at the idea of meeting celebrities meanwhile E had spotted the cafe and couldn’t be bothered anymore … Oh well you win some you lose some.

Paul then treated us all to an Italian meal. The kids actually ate (yes it was a beige dinner but hey they sat and ate so it’s a win win). For once we actually enjoyed a meal without having to battle with the kids throughout. Trust me, for us this is not short of a miracle!

After all of that we drove home (once again without any puke as BOTH kids napped!?!!) and we arrived safely home with two happy, well fed kids. Paul then sat and watched a film with them whilst I dated up some of the however many thousand photos I had printed and did some web work.

Not only that but I managed to get onto the phone to Harveys (furniture store) and after arguing the toss with them about our sofa taking eleven weeks longer than they quoted, I managed to get us a £100 reduction (this is after the 40% off we originally got!).

Wow! Just wow!!! Today has been a success, I cannot complain at all and that is another bleeding miracle – I have sod all to whinge about !


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