Plans For Half Term

It’s been a none-stop till you drop kind of day, yet for once I don’t really feel all that tired. I’m sure that come tomorrow morning, when the alarm clock kicks in, I’ll wonder which planet I reside upon and wish I’d gone to bed earlier. Until then however, I feel fairly energised which I’m guessing is partly down to the lighter nights and the idea of two weeks holiday just around the corner.

We have all sorts of plans for the half term; with it being Paul’s birthday and almost Easter we’re hoping to get away for a few days as a family and to have a whole lot of fun, without being confined to four walls – Here’s hoping that the weather behaves itself!

Plans For Half Term

According to J & E they’d like to take a trip to Blackpool, where they wish to go swimming at the Sandcastle. We would also like to take them both for an exciting and educational trip to Jodrell Bank for the day, alongside that I’d also to fit in a few walks around the Lake District with a few pub stops along the way.

With a little luck we can spend some time painting the fences and the shed to complete the garden prior to summer. I’d like to get hold of some rattan furniture for the garden but with pricing up bay windows and paying for a holiday, it’s looking unlikely this year. I can dream though right?

Alongside the days out and the inevitable chores, I’ve also planned a number of appointments throughout the holidays: I’m hoping to have my hair re-styled and re-coloured, take some time out for a massage with my good friend Amber, E has a hospital appointment to attend, J has a party  and I have a lengthy Yoga session to raise funds for the local mountain rescue team.

There’s certainly plenty for us all to be getting on with and I’m looking forward to what will no doubt be a rather busy break.



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