#LiverpoolGuide2019 – Something To Add To The List

With half term fast approaching (followed shortly by the summer holidays) I’ve made a start on putting together a list of activity ideas to keep the kids entertained. Being based in the North West, we have plenty of options for places and cities to visit, which are relatively, close by.

Although we visit Liverpool annually it’s only ever to make user of their airport, which seems a shame considering how much is happening in the city. It’s about time therefore that we added Liverpool to our list…

Liverpool One has a number of awesome events lined up for the next few months, some of which both my husband and I quite fancy attending. Although the kids aren’t too keen on travel, I’m sure with a pair of travel bands and some light entertainment, they would cope with a couple of hours in the car for the sake of some culture.

Liverpool One have put together this fabulously, fancy info graphic listing a few of the many events that are going on over the next few months.

#LiverpoolGuide2019 - Something To Add To The List

As you can see for yourself, there is a vast range of live events lined up, one of which just so happens to be ‘Disney On Ice’. Being a Disney freak with a Disney Diva for a daughter, I quite fancy taking our little lady to see the live show of Disney On Ice – it’s the show, which everyone seems to have seen apart from us.

Our son J is a huge fan of comics, he spends hours drawing, colouring and putting together his own cartoons and comics (most of which are inspired from cartoons, shows and comics which he spends time watching and collecting). Having promised him many moons ago that we’d take him to a ‘Comic-Con’ event, I have now noted that Liverpool One seems to be the place to go.

Liverpool One offers the kids plenty to see and do, there’s even Bing Bunny for the little ones (what more do you want?!) Although, I personally would be more interested in the art, comedy and music based events, which there are plenty to chose from. There’s something to suit everyone: whether it be sport, music, art, drama, comedy, film, food and drink, leisure or family time.

For further information and guidance upon Liverpool One and the upcoming events visit the Liverpool One website.

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