Half Term Happenings

We are currently half way through the half term holidays and already I feel a million times better for a couple of days downtime – a little bit of rest and recuperation can make such a difference!

We’ve been working our way through a few jobs and such-like which have needed doing, Paul took our much-loved Mini went for a trip out yesterday to have her steering column replaced prior to the warranty expiring. Whilst the garage carries out this work, we have been given a brand new, 2019 Mini 5-door Hatch (the same as our own, only newer) to drive around.

With the brand new car begging to be driven, we took the kids out to the cinema yesterday to watch ‘The Secret Life of Pets 2‘, a film which I knew would be close to our hearts as the trailer featured an old, wheel-bound, basset hound introducing the families new basset puppy addition. This echoed our own situation last year when we brought Maisy home and poor old Molly had her nose put out.

The film was pretty good, although I’ll be honest – I was itching to watch the latest release of Aladdin. I guess there’s always another day and another time to watch another film. Having already spent £22 on cinema tickets, I was loathed to fork out further moolah for snacks and drinks, thus I smuggled sweets and juice into the cinema in my rather dated Booths bag under the cover of my chunky cardigan. I’m not sure what the policies are upon taking your own drinks and snacks into the flicks, either way, I felt like some sort of candy mule concealing all the goodies.

Half Term Happenings

This afternoon I’m hoping to return the courtesy car to the garage (which is almost an hour away) and to transfer back to turbo transport.  I found it really odd driving a car without ‘oomph’ yesterday, every time I put my foot down nothing really happened… Not that I fancy another speeding ticket but I’ve missed the va-va-voom and cannot wait to have my own Mini back on the drive.

Whether or not we’ll manage to fit much more into the afternoon is debatable, the husband fancies taking the kids swimming but with J’s cough and E’s snot-fest, I think it may be wiser to wait until the weekend. This evening J has his weekly drum lesson, following which I’m planning to head out for drinks with a friend, then come tomorrow Paul is back to work.

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment scheduled then later in the week, a dress-fitting to attend (as I’m to be a bridesmaid in three weeks) following which, we have an evening with Al Murray (aka the Pub Landlord) booked. I’m a big fan of comedy but haven’t really watched much of this man – Though Paul assures me that he is hilarious so here’s hoping that we have a good night!

It’s certainly a jam-packed week (as is every half term in our household), though I’m being sure to take it steady and to make the most of the time-off without overdoing it.



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