Festive Fun At The Dickensian Day

It’s been over two years since my husband and I have taken our kids to the local Dickensian Festival. We have either been busy working or the weather has been so bad that we’ve been unable to go. However, this year we made plans to prepare for all weathers and to be sure that we made our way to the madness which has earned its notorious nickname of #Dickfest.

Festive Fun At The Dickensian Day

According to statistics this year saw one of the biggest influx of people (50,000 visitors) ever known to visit the festival, it was therefore unsurprising that it took us almost thirty minutes before we were able to find a parking space. The kids impressively kept their patience, meanwhile I found myself mouthing a few words whilst trying to manoeuvre our Mini around the Christmas themed chaos. Paul came to the rescue and thankfully found a space to solve the parking palaver.

Having eventually found a space for the car, we made our way to the top end of town to where the fairground was situated. The kids were instantly happy as they ventured onto countless rides, leaving us rather out-of-pocket, though it was well worth it to see their smiling faces.

Festive Fun At The Dickensian Day

After an hour or so of fun at the fair we made our way into town to look at the stalls, to sample the cheese and to grab a glass of mulled wine. I was fairly cold by this point, my nose was running, my ears were tingling and my hands were aching despite wearing fluffy gloves. I cannot express how amazing therefore it felt to hold onto a steaming hot, glass of mulled wine.

Festive Fun At The Dickensian Day

We walked all around the town absorbing almost every item of entertainment on offer. Like the click of a switch, the Christmas countdown had finally started and I was able to feel festive.

The children were exhausted by the time that we left, so much so that E actually fell to sleep in the car on the way to my folks house. Much fun was had by all and we will be sure to return next year. Until then, let the festive fun begin and the Christmas countdown commence.



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