Carry On Camping

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting a rather wonderful couple from Tasmania who have since our close friends. Patrick and Lisa are two of the kindest, wittiest and most understanding people I have ever come across, along with our fellow friends Mike and Vicky, we have shared some fantastic times together as a group and have made some wonderful memories all of which I will forever treasure.

We had planned to travel to a bothy for a weekend as a group but with having the kids, the dogs and everything else which seems to go with life in your thirties, we simply weren’t able to travel that far nor to spend that amount of time away from home. We have however enjoyed many afternoons and evenings out, shared many meals and have spent a huge amount of time together all of which I only wish we could do more of.

Carry On Camping

My parents very kindly babysat last night and given that it was such good weather, we decided to give camping a go. To make things a little easier, we took our doggies along with us for an evening under the stars with our friends. Despite worrying myself sick regarding our eldest and rather frail pooch, she seemed to enjoy every moment (as did we all) and the night was a success.

Fair dinkum, it was ‘a ripper’ of a night; we cooked ‘snags on the barbie’, drank beers from ‘the esky’ and enjoyed some ‘bonza banter’ before ‘hitting the frog and toad’ late this morning.

Sadly Lisa and Paddy are planning to head back ‘down under’ in a few weeks, this leaves us with very little time before our good friends return to other side of the Earth. I’m hoping that with that time we can make even more memories by fitting in a few more nights out, a whole load more laughs and sharing time together as a team before they fly back to ‘woop woop’.



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