Setting The Expectations Bar Low

It’s the very end of half term, the rain is still pouring and poor J has decided that he doesn’t want to go back to school tomorrow.  I’ll be honest, I’m quite looking forward to getting back into a regular routine and being able to crack on without having to juggle entertaining two children with the general chores. Don’t get me wrong I will really miss J but he needs routine just as much as I do and whilst he may be reluctant to get back into the swing of school tomorrow, it’ll do us all good, especially our wallets because holy Mother of Jesus they have taken a proper thrashing this half term!

I need to do a bit of a shop tomorrow for cakey bakey stuff. I am going to attempt to make a skiing themed three-tier cake for Thursday’s ‘big bash’. As my folks both turn sixty within two months of each other, I am throwing them a party at the local pub to celebrate. I have managed to book The Ulpha 590 (a popular local band which are costing a small fortune) are playing and a buffet has been planned to feed however many may or may not turn up.

Setting The Expectations Bar LowWe all know that this cake I am planning will be far more of a ‘failed it’ than nailed it before I so much as put an apron on, but it’s the thought that counts right? I’m going to try and make a three-tiered skiing themed cake. I think we all know considering that my Little Princess will be assisting in all aspects of cakey bakey stuff (as she doesn’t tend to want to nap these days) it’s far more likely to turn out something more like this…(see the realistic expectations of a cake making result featured in image above)

I’m going to set realistic expectations now to avoid a mini melt down come Wednesday night. I can occasionally lose the plot and be known to throw a bit of a hissy fit when things I wanted to do ‘just so’ go down the pan and go ‘just plain wrong ’. To give myself some baking confidence and to avoid any frustration whilst decorating said cake I will ply myself with Baileys and all will go just swell I’m sure.

Right on that note, my daughter has emptied the entire box of Quirkle and Ker -Plunk onto the living room carpet. She seems incredibly proud of her handy work bless her, but it needs sorting before somebody ends up with an injury.


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