Making Mountains Out Of Cake Hills

Making Mountains Out Of Cake HillsIt’s taken a fair few hours to complete but I’m fairly pleased with the results of our cakey bakey day. Whilst it may not be a pinterest perfect creation, it has been made with love and quite a few expletives.

We had a pit stop at the local park, where we met up with my good friend Hazel (Hi Hazel, I did warn you that you’d be mentioned at some point on the blog) and her rather cute little boy Kieron. The sun was shining and whilst there was a chill in the air, the weather was glorious. I needed the fresh air as did E, let’s hope we have more sunny days ahead as I love getting out and about in the sunshine.

Following my mammoth bake-off style effort, I now feel like a sugar-plum fairy (sticky and covered in suspicious white stuff, which I can only assume is icing). It’s certainly bath time and I’m hoping that given E’s lack of nap today, that both of the kids will go to bed easily tonight allowing us to enjoy some time together. Well actually, us and Sarah Lancashire in Happy Valley, she’s a brilliant actress!


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