Stormy Shopping

After a rather kind offer from my Father-in-law to have our crazy kids for the day, Paul and I took ourselves for a fifty minute drive into town to finish off our Christmas shopping. I wasn’t exactly enthralled about the idea of trawling around town, don’t get me wrong I love Christmas but I will openly admit that unless it’s online, I completely and utterly detest shopping.

Having looked at a range of weather apps last night, I was well-aware that bad weather was to be expected. I knew that there was ‘snow-way’ that we’d see the white stuff, being on the coast we very rarely get snow. To be on the safe side I wrapped up warm and took extra care whilst out on the roads, though it didn’t seem to matter how many scarves, sets of gloves nor hats I wore – I was still frozen to my bones.

Ice continued to shower from the sky as Paul and I made our way around the shops, it was slippy underfoot and after an hour or so of getting soaked, I was well and truly done. I no longer cared whether or not I’d got the gifts on the list, I certainly wasn’t bothered about checking it twice – all I wanted to do was to get home and get cosey by the fire.

According to the news, todays bout of bad weather has been named ‘Storm Deirdre’ and whilst I’ll agree that it wasn’t entirely pleasant nor pleasing for road users, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for ‘us up north’. How is it that something as simple as a gust of wind or a shower of ice should now be given a name? It’s not as if trees or houses were blown down, we just got a bit wet whilst out and about!

Since arriving home I have gone through my lists with a fine tooth-comb, and have found that indeed, I forget to collect at least three gifts. Thankfully I can get all of these from my local Tesco, therefore needn’t worry about having to venture out too far.

With a little luck we will find the time this week to actually wrap all of the many gifts, most of which are hidden randomly in our wardrobes, attic and garage. Our house feels much-like Santa’s grotto only without the elves to do all the work. Come to think of it, we do have an Elf, though he resides on the shelf and isn’t much help at all!

Oh what I’d do for Santa to actually exist, I’m at the end of my tether with this Christmas caper, there’s just too much to do with far too little time.


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