Have Yourself A Very Merry 2020 Christmas

This time last year Paul and I were in the midst of clearing dishes, plates, and glasses following our traditional ‘Christmas eve family get together’, the recycling boxes were stacked high with empty bottles and the lounge was still covered in books and toys from where the kids had been playing with their cousins. This year is an entirely different story…

My kitchen and living room are both clean and tidy, there’s been no buffet nor family get together and though I rather miss the chaos which is usually Christmas – I’m ever so slightly relieved to have the respite this year as it’s been a really tough time and I’m not exactly the best company at present.

Covid has completely crapped on Christmas from a great height, though I guess it could be worse, I could be sat in a lorry spending Christmas stuck at a port on my lonesome or living all alone in a tier four area. I guess I ought to count my lucky stars as I’m safe, warm and cosey at home with my family, only we’re a man down…

Have Yourself A Very Merry 2020 Christmas

Losing my Dad has been a real blow and though I’m beginning to come to terms with the situation, Christmas is a whole new ball game as I guess all upcoming occasions will be.

Though my Dad was never that bigger fan of Christmas, I would still look forward to him feigning surprise as he unwrapped the incredibly obvious hexagonal box which he’d know fine well was Turkish Delight, that along with other gifts which he’d thank us all for and then later ask – “what is it?”. He’d annually wind me up by suggesting that my homemade chocolate roulade was actually a store-bought swiss roll, it was an ongoing joke which still makes me smile. 

I miss my Dad so much, he was a grumpy old grinch but I loved him dearly. Nothing’s really the same without him although I know fine well that he’d want for us to troop on and to make Christmas special for the kids, which is precisely what Paul and I are trying to do.

The stockings are hung, the kids are in bed, although they are still wide awake thus my nerves are shot with the whole Santa shenanigans. The only thing for it is to pop open a bottle and to settle my seasonal stress with a moderate-sized Martini, that, and a tub full of Treeselets.

Here’s hoping that Santa’s gifts arrive safely and SILENTLY. We will give it an hour or two (or three, or maybe four – GOD I HOPE NOT) and wait and see…

So without further ado, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happier, much healthier new year!

Have Yourself A Very Merry 2020 Christmas


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