It’s A Wrap!

We have finally reached the end of term, after eight solid weeks of slogging hard both the kids and I are shattered. It’s a relief to have a break from the homework, the lunch boxes, the shoe cleaning, the bag packing and the early mornings.

It’s been a busy, busy week! The kids have completed all three of their star-studded Christmas shows. I cannot express how proud of them I am. Both J & E gave it their all, they were all singing, all dancing and simply stunning on stage. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of it all and to see it develop from a script into the most amazing show.

We finished the week with a beautiful carol service which I somehow managed to hold back the flood gates for, which is a change in comparison to previous years when the tissues were much-needed. The kids then came home, got changed, grabbed their Christmas calendars and hopped into the Mini for a ride through to their Grandparents where they were staying for the night.

To celebrate the end of what felt like forever in coming, Paul and I headed out to our local to have a few drinks and a quick snack with friends. We then came home, emptied the attic, the garage and the tops of our wardrobes and finally began to make a start upon the wrapping.

Having made a significant dent in the gift wrapping, I got myself ready and made my way out to meet my colleagues for our Christmas meal. It wasn’t exactly a big night out, I was far too tired to hit the town so Paul came to collect me early and we continued with our merry mission to wrap, label and to bow up the piles of presents.

It's A Wrap!

Until yesterday I hadn’t wrapped a single sausage and I was beginning to panic a little. It’s not like me to leave anything until last-minute, especially if it’s Christmas related! I’m usually the painfully organised type but this year we’ve been storing Santa’s goodies in our attic, and until we were actually able to have time without the children in the house, we simply couldn’t get Christmas wrapped up.

Thankfully the wrapping is actually over, I have managed to get all of the children’s bits and pieces wrapped and hidden away for the big day. I have also wrapped all of the families, friends and Paul’s gifts and our wardrobes are no longer laden with luxuries.

Come tomorrow we plan to drive out for a final food shop, then with a little luck there won’t be too much left (other than baking and making) to do. I’d also like to take some time with the kids to play board games, to watch television and to have some fun as a family which is why I’m trying desperately to get as much as I can done and dusted whilst they are otherwise occupied. On that note, I’d best get back to it!


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