Gifts, Gadgets & Games For Your Little Geeks This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner I’ve spent the past month or so collecting and collating gift ideas for the children. My eldest child J (aged 8 years) is a self-confessed geek, he loves his gadgets, gizmos and gaming related gubbins therefore Santa will be stuffing his stocking full of ‘techie toys’ this Christmas.

I have put together a list of my top ten techie toys for little geeks/ gamers this Christmas, I hope you find this list useful and should you have any further suggestions or ideas then please do not hesitate to contact me via email or through one of the many social media platforms on which I reside.

Gifts, Gadgets & Games For Your Little Geeks This Christmas

  1. Slither IO Toys

Slither IO is a massively popular multiplayer browser game developed by Steve Howse. Much like the classic PC game ‘Snake’, players control an avatar resembling a snake which consumes multicoloured pellets in order to grow. The idea of the game is to grow the longest snake without bumping into anybody else along the way.

Since growing in popularity this game has also launched a series of merchandise including the following toys:

  • Slither IO Bendable Plush Toy – Retailing at £9.99 the 8″ bendable Slither plush toys are available in a range of colours. These cute, cuddly Slithers will be adored by both children and collectors alike.
  • Slither IO Bendable 3 Pack – Priced at £10.99 these three bendable Slither figures come in different colours featuring one mystery Slither!
  • Slither IO Mini Mystery Squishies – Priced at £10.99 these multi-coloured squishy, Slither creatures are available in fifteen different colours (within series 1) with two being rare and one being ultra rare colourways!
  1. Air Zooka

Suitable for outdoor or indoor use, the Air Zooka gun fires a jet of air which will surprise and blow your victims within a 20ft distance. Air Zooka’s are available in a range of colours and currently retail at £12.92 on Amazon

  1. Zuru Tangle Toy

Retailing from £2.99 upwards Zuru Tangle Toys are available within a wide range of high street and online retailers including Smyths, Toys R Us & Amazon, Zuru Tangle Toys are ideal for any child that likes to fiddle or fidget. Zuru Tangle Toys are available in a wide range of colours and materials (including plastic or metal) providing sensory and motor stimulation which has been found to help maintain attention, improve math and even increase reading comprehension!

  1. Mayka Toy Block Tape

This fantastic ‘Lego compatible’ toy block tape is available in a wide range of colours. Featuring a sticky back, this tape can be placed anywhere you so fancy to clip on your Lego/ block figures as you so please. Each roll of tape measures 2 metres in length and is currently retailing from £6.99 upwards within a wide range of high street and online retailers including Smyths, Toys R Us & Amazon

  1. Space Marble Run

Featuring four steel metal balls, a base, a gear box and a whole heap of bits and bobs to create your very own Space Coaster from this set is a marble run gone mad! Made from plastic and metal, The Space Marble Run stimulates both your mind and creativity whilst providing children and adults alike with hours of fun.

The Space Marble Run is currently at a cut price of £13.99 (down from £19.99) at Find Me A Gift

  1. Plasma Ball

Great for any geek, this atmospheric glass ball light directs lightning by the passing of your palms over the glass glove. Measuring 8″ in diameter, this particular plasma ball has two modes (continuous or sound sensitive). Available from Maplin for only £14.99, this Plasma Ball is a perfect present!

  1. PacMan Ghost Light

Pac-Man was an all time favourite computer classic from the 80s, this little, yellow pizza-shaped pellet gobbling, ghost avoider was one of the most iconic video arcade games of all time. Retro gamers will adore this Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde colour-changing USB powered Ghost Light which can phase through sixteen colours or alternatively when set to party mode can flash and change colour according to the beat of the bass!

This super stylish, retro wonder if available from Find Me A Gift for only £18.99

  1. Roblox Figures & Sets

Roblox is the World’s largest social platform for play powering peoples imagination Worldwide. Roblox have recently released a large amount of merchandise including figures which seem to be right up my sons street. Whilst there are a range of figure sets available we have opted for a ‘blind box’ featuring a Roblox box within which is hidden a figure, a collectors checklists and an exclusive virtual item code.

Roblox figures and sets are available within a wide range of high street and online retailers including Smyths, Toys R Us & Amazon. Priced at only £3.99 these figures are ideal stocking fillers for gamer fans this Christmas.

  1. Monopoly Gamer

Featuring Nintendo’s Super Mario characters ‘Monopoly Gamer’ is yet another version of the classic Monopoly board game where players can power-up special abilities according to the roll of the dice and battle legendary gaming bosses. Monopoly Gamer replaces the classic paper Monopoly money with coins bringing tech to the table by turning a platform game into a board game.

Priced at £20.00, Monpoly Gamer is available from a range of high street and online retailers including Smyths, Toys R Us & Amazon.

  1. Hexbugs Battlebots Arena

I’ve saved the best to last as this set is what my son is hoping for as his ‘main present’ this Christmas. Much like the television favourite ‘Robot Wars’ Hexbugs have recreated the ultimate robot battle through the ‘Battlebots Arena’.

The Battlebots Arena includes two miniature remote control robots (modelled on the Battlebots series) which have push activated hammers for ultimate destruction. Available from a range of high street and online retailers including Smyths, ArgosToys R Us & Amazon the Hexbugs Battlebots Arena currently retails from £59.99 upwards.

I’m yet to purchase said set as I’m currently scouring the internet for a decent deal. However, this is a ‘must’ on my little mans list this year and I’m certain battle will commence come Christmas day!

Disclosure: Some of the above items were sent to me for the purpose of this post. However, all opinions are my own.


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