Feeling Festive

It feels as if we’ve been none-stop for the past two months, the calendar has been ram-jammed with meetings, appointments, parties and such-like, all of which we have either attended or dealt with.

Finally, I have a clear diary and I am able to look forward to a little time without the hustle and bustle. Saying that, we have already pencilled in endless amounts of festive frivolities in the run up to Christmas.

It may only be mid-November but I’m beginning to feel fairly festive, the kids have their calendars at the ready for the big count-down, I made our first batch of mince pies last week (all of which were eaten and enjoyed) and as of tomorrow I’ll be making a start on the annual photo-montage calendars which we send out as family gifts.

Feeling Festive

With less than six weeks till the big day, Christmas is right around the corner and theres so much to do in what feels like so little time. Somehow or other I need to fit in a trip to Ikea, a trip to Halfords and then a final trip into town to finish up on the shopping. There’s also a hefty pile of Christmas cards which won’t write themselves and then a whole heap of parcels which need to be wrapped. Here’s hoping that my folks wont mind having the kids for a day or two otherwise Santa is royally screwed!

This time next week we will be stuffing our faces with mince pies and mulled wine, as we visit the local Dickensian Festival. If theres ever a spring board into the festive spirit, it’s almost certainly the Dickensian Festival, and I for one cannot wait.

I’m well aware that ‘there are only twelve days of Christmas, not one of which resides in November’. However, where’s the fun in all the preparation and planning if I can’t get a little festive?

Feeling Festive


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