Elf On The Shelf – Let The Chaos Commence

I swore blind that I would never, EVER get myself involved with an Elf. I always thought that the whole idea of ‘Elf on the Shelf’ was rather creepy. Some little guy that watches you and reports back to Santa seemed far too much-like Big Brother gone bonkers! Yet here we are, however many years down the line, with our very own elf.

My colleagues somehow convinced me that ‘buying an Elf’ would be a good idea and they weren’t wrong, as both J & E were elated to find an Elf had arrived. Along with the Elf came a letter instructing the kids to decide upon a name for the funny little fella. This took them next to no time as they made a joint decision to name the elf ‘Rocko’.

Elf On The Shelf - Let The Chaos Commence

Rocko, as it turns out is actually quite a fun little fella. I’m actually rather enjoying making mischief for him to get into. The kids have practically thrown themselves down the stairs each morning to find their Elf and to see what he’s been up to. It’s early days, but already I’ve found myself redecorating the tree with toilet paper, which I am sure that they will laugh themselves silly over come morning.

Elf On The Shelf - Let The Chaos Commence

I guess Elves aren’t all that bad after all. Sure it takes a little effort to plan and to prepare, that and of course time to tidy away the following day. It’s more than worth it though just to see the smiles and excitement on J & E’s faces as they race down the stairs each day. J & E are only kids once and I want to make every moment as magical as possible… Elves and all.

Should you happen to have any ideas or suggestions as to what our Elf could get up to, feel free to add a comment or to drop me an email.


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