My Christmas Wish List

It’s got to that time of the year when my husband has started to fashion a look of panic on his face. That’s right folks, it’s almost time for him to try and remember my Amazon details, so that he can actually locate a list of ideas to save him the present purchasing stress.

Most blokes tend to hit the high street at around 2-3pm on Christmas Eve, my husband however has learnt from experience that shopping on Christmas Eve is far from festive nor enjoyable by any measure.

I have therefore taken the time to put together a rather elaborate wish list, ranging from the ridiculous to the affordable and easy options. Here are a few of the things which I have asked for this year.

Kitchen Accessories
My Christmas Wish List
Lush Bath BombsMy Christmas Wish List
Tropic So Sleepy Bath OilMy Christmas Wish List
Leo Horoscope BookMy Christmas Wish List
Tori Amos – Comic Book Tattoo
My Christmas Wish List
New Pyjamas
My Christmas Wish List
My Christmas Wish List
Hair Grips/ Claws
My Christmas Wish List
DKNY Stories PerfumeMy Christmas Wish List
Taupe Nail Varnish
My Christmas Wish List
Star EarringsMy Christmas Wish List
Fly London Boots
My Christmas Wish List
A Lay-Z-Spa
My Christmas Wish List

I’m fairly sure that you can work out which gifts fall into the realms of fantasy and which seem like fair options for the fella to fathom. There’s always room for a girl to dream though right? A wish list wouldn’t be a ‘wish list’ if you didn’t wish…

As for the kids, we have well and truly ticked off their wish lists. They are two lucky little sprogs, I cannot wait to see their faces come Christmas day! To be honest, that’s all I really wish for – two happy and healthy kids.

I’d love to seeĀ  or to hear what your wish lists may be, drop me a comment below, share your own blog posts or send me an email. I’d love to hear from you x



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