Christmas Has Come & Gone

So after all the hustle and bustle, Christmas has come and gone. We had an amazing day and the kids were overjoyed as they were both spoilt rotten by family, friends and of course Santa Claus. I couldn’t believe the amount of parcels which were piled high in our living room, I have however found homes for each and every gift which was a satisfying surprise.

Most of the bulk came from the endless amounts of packaging, which considering that our planet is currently drowning in a sea of plastic was pretty worrying. You’d think that being in an age in which we are environmentally aware, we’d be doing away with plastic by now but almost everything was wrapped and secured in plastic, all of which I felt mightily guilty throwing away.

Paul very kindly put together the cardboard ready for recycling and we then had a bonfire from the remaining rubbish. I simply cannot be doing with waste and I couldn’t believe how we could accumulate so much bin fodder over the space of twenty-four hours.

Christmas Has Come & Gone

Not only were the kids spoilt to high heaven but I too was rather lucky this year. Paul took notice of the Amazon wish lists which I make (for no reason other than sheer wishful thinking) and as a result I’m now the proud owner of the Comic Book Tattoo, a rather rare and beautiful book filled with illustrations based upon Tori Amos lyrics. I was also given a lens ball (which I’ve made a start upon using), a 2019 diary, a 2019 horoscope book, Dirty Dancing on DVD, taupe nail varnish, fluffy dice for the car, a set of brand new ‘Mini Cooper’ car mats (in red and black) and to put the icing on the cake – a toy sized Mini Cooper in black to match my beloved Mini.

Now that Christmas has come to a close, we’ve finally been able to rest and relax without the need to carry out errands, to go out, to be anywhere at any specific time or to do anything other than sofa surf and to enjoy time together as a family.

It won’t be long before the New Year, it doesn’t feel as if 365 days have passed since I last wrote a reflective post upon the year yet here I am once again jotting down all that we have done and all that we have achieved in draft form ready for an end of year review post.

I’ve certainly got plenty of plans for 2019 and have already made a start upon putting together a few ideas for my 2019 bucket list, it still needs a little work but should be complete come New Years Day.

How time flies when you’re a busy bee, Christmas certainly flew by as I’m sure the new years celebrations will. We’re hoping to have a few friends over for drinks, snacks and a few games to bring in the new year, which should hopefully be a restful and relaxing evening for all.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my posts throughout the past year and to wish you all the very best for 2019.


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