Catching Up On Christmas Eve

With less than twenty-four hours until Santa makes his deliveries, we’ve been,┬ábusy, busy. I’ve spent time cooking, cleaning and prepping for a family buffet whilst the kids have enjoyed endless amounts of festive television. I made my annual twenty-four mince pies and Delia Smith’s Squidgy Chocolate Log, both of which turned out to be pretty impressive this year!

As is tradition, we then sat as a family to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol, we’ve watched it that many times that both Paul and I were able to repeat the film word for word. It was then time to pop open the vino and to catch up with my in-laws whilst stuffing ourselves with buffet bits. Our fridge is now laden with left overs, which is just as well as it should keep us going over the next few hours whilst we get the kids bathed, settled and to bed for the night.

The children received a letter from their Elf this morning explaining that he will be returning to the North Pole in Santa’s sleigh. It’s quite a relief to relax from my ‘Elf duties’. Despite heaving heaps of fun whilst making mischief for the little fella, I was beginning to run out of ideas!┬áThe kids are about lay out their stockings and to leave the obligatory plate for Santa (and of course his reindeer). They are both buzzing with excitement which is both wonderful and exhausting to observe, here’s hoping that they will sleep tonight – I certainly will!

On that note, I’d best go run the bath and start the bedtime routine (with a glass of Wine in hand and a mince-pie stuffed in my mouth). I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Catching Up On Christmas Eve


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