#LivingArrows – Merry Christmas 52/52 (2017)

Christmas day sure flew by in a flash, the kids had the most amazing day and were spoilt rotten as were Paul and I. We spent this morning huddled around the tree opening parcels for well over an hour before meeting up with the in-laws to thank them for their gifts and to share some Christmas cuddles.

We then drove to my folks house where my Mother and I put together Christmas dinner whilst the kids played and the boys went out to the pub for a few pints. Dinner was delicious and although I eat far less these days I made sure to make some serious space for my Mothers home-made Christmas pudding and brandy sauce which as always was a hit.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas when all through the house were restless children and a crap load of presents to put out…

The kids have had their bath, their books and are both settled in bed

Yet they are so excited they are still wide awake leaving us parents with our glasses of wine and soon a sore head.

Santa is waiting to visit and I guess he’s going to be late

Sod it I’ll pour another vino and chat on WhatsApp with my mate.


The sacks are empty much like my glass (again) and I can’t wait to get cracking with the Christmas stuff

If only our little ones were sleepy enough.…

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The Christmas Carol Service, A Time To Reflect

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to church but this morning that is precisely where I’ve been. Each year the kid’s School holds a carol service and up until now I’ve always been working during that day and have therefore been unable to attend. With things being a little different work wise this year I was finally able to go along and to join in with the children as they sang along to a range of carols, listened to the Christmas story, played on their recorders, lit their Christingle candles and generally melted my heart.  

Thankfully I held the emotions from seeping out although I was fully prepared with a bag full of tissues and spare eyeliner just incase my hormones should get the better of me.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Believe

This time next week it’ll be Christmas Eve, the kids will be hanging their sacks for Santa and leaving the obligatory carrots, mince pies and alcoholic beverage for the big mans visit. The kids are hyper and who blames them, they know full well that they are about to get spoilt with surprises all of which somehow happens by magic…

If only magic was real, if only Santa did exist! Not only would I be far better off but it’d be nice to be able to put my trust and belief into something so wonderful as a man who could deliver to all the children in the world within twenty-four hours by travelling around the earth on a sleigh whilst being pulled by flying reindeer.…

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A Perfect Performance From Our Double Act At The School Christmas Show

The kids have less than a week to go before they break up from School for the Christmas holidays, this week seems to have been jam-packed with yuletide activities for both of our little ones including rehearsals and three days worth of Christmas performances two of which I have had the pleasure of watching.

Sadly we were asked not to take photos during this years Christmas performances due to privacy and safeguarding issues. However, I managed to craftily capture a couple of shots featuring just my children prior to the performance as they made their into way to the hall. Whether I should be sharing these or not I’m not entirely sure but as they feature no other faces of bodies I see no reason why it should be a problem.…

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