Size Matters & Juggling Jobs

Who knew juggling two jobs, two kids, housework and blogging could be so hard? I for one never expected to feel this exhausted but never the less I’ve at least made it through my first week as a Teaching Assistant with flying colours. My parenting skills on the other hand have been questionable at times especially so this morning when it became apparent that J had somehow managed to dress himself in his sisters t-shirt which was four sizes too small and looked much-like a crop top.

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or to cry as I stood in the classroom looking at my son dressed in his undersized top which also happened to have two rather large stains around the collar. I may have managed to keep just about on top of everything work-wise but I am obviously slipping in the mother-department. How the hell did I fail to notice that my son had dressed himself in the wrong clothing before leaving the house? Never mind that, what would the staff think of me?

Thankfully my hubby saved the day by bringing clean, correctly sized clothing for our son which may have been the correct size in terms of age range but it seems that J has grown overnight as even those seemed slightly snug.

Size Matters & Juggling Jobs

My children seem to have this terrible habit of sprouting up in size whilst we aren’t watching; one moment their clothes are hanging from them and I mentally punish myself for buying a size too big and the next, their clothing barely covers the essentials and it’s once again time for an entire wardrobe changeĀ aka empty your wallet Mother!

As for my own clothing I’m never too sure which size to go for these days as my weight seems to fluctuate according to the time of day, as for the weighing scales well I swear that they must be wrong as there’s not a chance in hell that I’ve put on three pounds in one week. I’ve barely had the time to sit down never mind to scoff my face.

I should really put together a few ‘work outfits’ to wear for the next few weeks as I dislike the idea of living in leggings and floaty tops forever more. I’d usually wear jeans whilst behind the bar but obviously denim isn’t exactly classroom attire neither for that matter are dungareeĀ dresses. I guess it’s time to look into some ‘casual classics’, ideally office wear with a funky flare!

Size Matters & Juggling Jobs

I’d love to say that things are working out perfectly but given that I’m currently working seven days a week some of which are within two places on the same day, that and taking care of my kids whilst getting through the household chores and writing the occasional blog post, I’m finding things ever so slightly challenging as you may well imagine.

I’m hoping that with time and funding I may be able to drop a few bar shifts and eventually be a punter rather than pulling pints for punters in the pub. I can only hope and dream that this will be the case as there’s only so much that one girl can do in a day!



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