Know Your Place, Find Your Purpose

I’m not sure how I have become so disorganised of late but I feel as if I no longer run to a schedule. It’s far more ‘go with the flow’ than ‘go go go’ and I’m not sure whether I prefer it as such. Either way, I’m learning to prioritise tasks, by which I mean that I am learning to live a little ‘last minute’ by focusing upon the here and now.

I guess working almost full time has changed my outlook upon life; I no longer see housework as such a huge issue, until the weekend that is when I seem to go cleaning crazy. I prefer to spend my evenings soaking in the tub or ligged out on the sofa rather than running myself ragged as I once did.

In hindsight, I’m fairly sure that staying in the house all day did me next to no good. I’d spend the majority of my time cleaning, catching up on soaps and busying myself with blogging until the school run. In reality, I was bored, I was lonely and I was without purpose.

I no longer feel lost, nor lonely nor bored – I am certainly a little more tired than usual, but it’s well worth the exhaustion asĀ I finally feel worth something and have found my purpose.



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