The End Of An Era

Today marked the end of an era as I worked my final shift behind the bar pulling pints for the punters. I’ve spent the majority of my life working in that pub and whilst I’ll certainly be back as a customer, my days of being a barmaid are well and truly over.

I’ve got to know some fantastic people in the pub over the years that I’ve worked there, all of which I’ll miss seeing but will do my best to stay in touch with.

Having finished my final shift, I then sat myself at the bar along with my friends and folks to celebrate by sharing a few drinks before heading home. It felt rather strange to be sat at the other side of the bar, it was a bit of a novelty but something which I’m sure Paul and I will regularly practice in the future.

The End Of An Era

It’s been a long time coming but I guess things had to change at some point. I’ve got a head full of happy memories, twenty-one years worth to be precise all of which I’ll treasure.

Thanks to Lynda, Stuart and all the staff for putting up with me for so long, and thanks to all those that have spent time chatting across the bar to me over the years, it has been my absolute pleasure.

Don’t forget – We don’t serve Lager, we don’t serve chips and we don’t take credit cards!




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