Flexible Working Hours To Ease The Pressure On The Quality Of Family Life

Flexible Working Hours To Ease The Pressure On The Quality Of Family Life

As a mother of a young family, a lot changes and invariably, from time to time, sacrifices have to be made…

Or do they?

Many women are starting to realise that, instead of sacrificing the career they had before they became parents, this particular time of their lives, actually presents an opportunity: The possibility of combining the fresh challenges of parenthood with new and exciting possibilities in their professional lives has never been a more realistic goal for new mothers.

As a parent, flexibility is the key to a happy and fulfilling work/life balance. How can I manage to earn well for my family and give my loved ones what they deserve, without always feeling terrible guilt for leaving my children alone or with nurseries?

A job that is flexible and will free up time to spend with your new baby, or young family at home, is a very achievable goal in this age of the internet and advancing technology.

Flexible Working Hours To Ease The Pressure On The Quality Of Family Life

Project management.

Definitely a role that offers a degree of flexibility for those with previous experience in creating and delivering projects. If your interpersonal skills and organisational abilities are strong, and your resource management skills are good, there are real opportunities in Project management, where flexible hours and even working from home are realistic possibilities. For the right candidate, with the right skills, offering this type of service in a freelance capacity can be a great career.

Personal assistants.

An increasingly popular role for those who value the balance between work and home life, virtually anyone with top class customer care and admin skills can consider a role as a P.A, and it is a role that grows to offer flexibility that few others can match. If your skills lie in building relationships and providing a reliable and effective service, then becoming a first class Personal Assistant may well be a logical progression, allowing you flexible working hours and more quality time with your new family. The reason for the increase in flexible working is that a PA is commonly a role where this flexibility is requested and it is more normal now. Also, people are more able to work flexibly as many tasks can be done remotely now. If you are looking to retrain and consolidate your career as a PA and gain from these advantages a CPD Accredited qualification at Souters Training can assist you in opening up these career options.

Event management.

Similar to project management, Event Management requires a very specific skill set, and this role is all about communication and multi-tasking. This is also a role which, at times can be busy and stressful, particularly as events themselves approach. However, there is a trade off; typically in between events there may be periods when you simply do not need to be in the office, and your working week becomes a lot more flexible, allowing you to spend time enjoying your work/life balance.

So it would seem that, with a little thought and maybe a slight change in direction, the only thing sacrificed could be the 9-5, Monday to Friday routine, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t mind sacrificing that for a more flexible and fulfilling role with more free time to spend with your family.


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