Reflecting Upon My Bucket List For 2017

Back in December last year I wrote a bucket list for 2017, at the time I wished to complete at least six of the action points listed whereas upon reflection I have found that I somehow managed to achieve almost ten out of the fifteen points listed which is pretty damn good going!

Here’s last years list should you fancy having a read. I have colour coded all the things which I managed to make happen as purple and the stuff which I am yet to do as red.

Reflecting Upon My Bucket List For 2017

  1. Get a new job (one which pays well per hour and allows me to work more sociable hours).
  2. Lose weight (ideally two stone in weight fitting nicely into a size twelve without the need for laying down to squeeze into jeans).
  3. Finish bedrooms the children’s bedrooms with carpet and fittings. (This should be done by the end of January all things being well)
  4. Put together the new study in a minimalist style (without hoarding uggins of junk)
  5. Get new blinds for the entire house (this will require some serious saving)
  6. Get new windows for the house (once again this will also require some serious saving)
  7. Save up for a new kitchen (and hopefully have a new kitchen within the next two years if I am being realistic)
  8. Have a holiday (ideally to Florida but more than likely to somewhere in Spain which will cost us far less and the kids will equally enjoy).
  9. Teach E how to write her name and to recognise and read the letters of the alphabet before she starts School come September(Seriously how on Earth is my little lady starting school in 2017?!)
  10. Consider new car options (and once again start saving money for said new motor)
  11. Improve my blog readership and stats (so feel free to share my posts if you fancy giving a helping hand)
  12. Improve my social media presence and stats (I really need to work upon Pinterest and Instagram as well as figuring out how the hell to increase my Facebook followers)
  13. Return to Vlogging (and stop worrying about what my family, friends or any other sod should have to say about this).
  14. Go to more blogging conferences (ideally BritMums and of course, Blog On).
  15. To stop caring so much about what other people think and to simply ‘be myself’.

I’m pretty pleased with my progress throughout the year, it barely feels as if it’s been a month never mind a year since I wrote the above list. I only have to look around me to see the changes which have taken place, especially so in terms of the DIY around the house. Here’s hoping that we achieve as much if not more throughout 2018!

I will be sure to put together a similar list for 2018 over the next day or so, if you have a list of resolutions or goals for the year I’d love to have a read so be sure to share your ideas either by commenting below, sending me an email or getting in touch via social media.




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