My Bucket List for 2020

Happy New Year! I’ve never been one to write a resolutions list, I’m utterly hopeless when it comes to the likes of dieting or giving anything up thus prefer to create a wish list as it’s far more achievable. So without further ado, here’s my wishlist/ bucket list for the year ahead.

My Bucket List for 2020

  1. To finish installing the upstairs front windows
  2. To add new blinds to the finished windows.
  3. To replace the disgusting drapes which currently hang in our dining room.
  4. To book and to go on a holiday not necessarily abroad!
  5. To get a new desk and filing cabinet storage system for the office
  6. To watch a live gig
  7. To have a weekend away with the husband
  8. To get new bedding/blankets for our room
  9. To reduce my anxiety and worry by putting a stop to overthinking and overanalyzing everything.
  10. To read at least one book per month.
  11. To expand my wardrobe and to actually get myself some new clothes.
  12. To start drinking more juice rather than soda.
  13. To get to bed slightly earlier and to take better care of myself generally. Fresh body, fresh mind and all that.
  14. To stop being such a doormat and to put me first rather than constantly trying to please other people.
  15. To start believing in myself a little more.
  16. To put the wheels into motion and to make a start on our kitchen and dining room.
  17. To get a new trampoline (ideally with inbuilt basketball nets either end) to put into the garden. Well where the heck else would it go?!
  18. To find and to actually buy some garden furniture for the decking.
  19. To transfer from Sky to Talk Talk to save a whole heap of moolah.
  20. To enjoy every moment and to take more pictures!

So there is it, my twenty wishes for 2020! Here’s hoping that I can tick off as much as possible from this list come this time next year.

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