Looking Back At My Winter Wish List

With Spring just around the corner I thought I ought to take a look back at my ‘Winter Wish List‘ and to review and to reflect upon this. I originally listed fifteen points which I specifically explained were ‘wishes for the winter’ rather than expectations.

Heres the points listed and a little feedback on how I got along with these. I’m sure that there will be a few points transferred over to my bucket list for the Spring for me to continue working upon and as always, hoping and wishing for.


Looking Back At My Winter Wish List

To make use of my riding voucher by going for a beach ride on the local shore.

Although I was adamant that I’d book a beach ride before now the weather hasn’t really been suitable nor have I had the time to go for a blast along the beach. Having finally found myself a new job I now have the time to fit in a few rides along the beach, trips out to the shops, days with the kids and all kinds of fun.

I am yet to book my ride but have already contacted Cath who owns the stables to do just that, here’s hoping that give it a few weeks and I’ll be back on the horse.

To replace the patio doors with french doors

Prior to Christmas we simply didn’t have the funds to look into replacing windows nor doors but thanks to my folks and their generous contribution we are now looking replacing the patio doors with our local builder. We are yet to book a date for the work to be carried but the wheels are at least in motion.


To replace our Fiesta with a modern motor

As it so happens we no longer need to replace our Fiesta, my Father very kindly found us a replacement part for our Ford and now that she is ‘back on the road’ we have no plans to replace her.


To have a girls day out with Dee

It pains me to say that Dee nor I have had the time to meet up for a brew never mind to have a girls day out. We are both so busy with work, kids and everything else that we’ve tended to stick to text or social media as a methods of communication. I have however enjoyed a girls day out to choose wedding dresses with Vicky earlier this month followed by a slap up meal which we both devoured.

To book and to enjoy a full body massage, facial and the works with Amber

I really ought to book myself a massage but until now haven’t had the time. This is yet another thing which I plan to add to my bucket list for the Spring.


To have an industrial piercing in my left ear

Whilst I’d still love to have an industrial piercing, I’m not so sure whether it’d go down too well with working in a Primary School. For that reason I guess I’ll have to leave this idea for the time being.


To have a fabulous Christmas with family and friends

I most certainly had a fabulous Christmas with both my family and friends. This year felt somewhat different to past years, I’m not sure whether it was the fact that our in-laws no longer run the local shop or whether it was the setup of the day, either way Christmas just seemed to work and to flow really well.


To reorganise the children’s toys, getting rid of any clutter whilst making a few pennies along the way.

Ridding the household of clutter seems to be an never-ending, on-going job. I’m forever eBaying clothes and toys, either that or taking truck loads of things to the local charity shop. I’ve done fairly well as I somehow managed to make room for new living room furniture, this meant moving our daughters play-kitchen to the garden playhouse and sending her keyboard to my folks house. She simply couldn’t part with either item which is fair enough as she still plays with both the kitchen and the keyboard when she has chance.

The living room which was once filled with children’s toys is now neatly organised with adult furnishings most of which are now stuffed full of children’s toys which I guess defeats the object, hey ho!


To setup bank accounts for the children

I fully intended to order each of the kids a ‘Go’ savings card but after looking into the fees which applied to this, I decided to stick to their piggy banks for the time being. 

To find some new recipes for the family to enjoy

I’ve been meaning to make Sticky Toffee Pudding for months now, last week I finally bit the bullet and made use of a rather precious recipe which turned out to taste amazing. We have since made further batches of Sticky Toffee Pudding which we have frozen along with the sauce for us all to enjoy whenever we so please.


To continue the never-ending job search with a little more luck

After years of searching for the perfect job I finally fell upon an amazing opportunity. As you will no doubt have read through past posts, I am now working as a Teaching Assistant within the local Primary School and quite frankly I couldn’t be happier!

To go sledging

It’s not often that we get snow here in Cumbria, it’s been four years since it last snowed significantly! Earlier this month E saw snow for the first time and both J & E were quick to the mark as they ran to the garage to collect their sledges which they then took outside to be dragged along by their Daddy in the snow/ slush.


To make a return to YouTube as a Vlogger

I finally finished editing and uploading almost twelve months worth of videos to YouTube, I have since returned to YouTube as a casual Vlogger where I hope to feature family updates and reviews.


To recolour and restyle my hair

I’m terrible when it comes to my hair, I get easily bored with styles, colours and such-like. I’ve experimented with darker reds, longer lengths, layers and all kinds of different ideas but give it a month or two and I’ll be starting all over again with more colours, cuts and god knows what.


To lose a little more weight (a stone to be precise)

I’m not entirely sure how I’ve managed to lose weight over the winter given that I’ve eaten like a pig most days. Either way I am pleased to report that I’ve lost half a stone and at present am pretty happy with my size and figure. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to be stick thin but it’s highly unlikely that I’d ever get to that point without gaffa tape stuck to my mouth or serious illness neither of which do I fancy trying.

To book a holiday for the summer.

Following the New Year, Paul and I began looking into holidays for the summer. We have since booked a week away to Lloret De Mar where we will be staying in a four-star, all-inclusive hotel. According to the information provided we are right by the beach whilst also central to the town which should be ideal for us all.

Considering that my ‘Winter Wish List‘ featured fifteen points, I am not only pleased but proud to have achieved nine of those things. I never expected to achieve so much in such a little space of time but life is full of surprises so it seems!

Given that I have been so successful with my Winter Wish List I will shortly be writing a Spring Bucket List which I’m sure will be stacked full of things to strive for.

Thank you all for all your support, comments and for reading my posts throughout the years. I really appreciate it.



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