Looking Back At My Bucket List For 2019

Back at the beginning of the year, I put together a bucket list of thirty things that I was hoping to achieve or to do throughout this year. I’ve decided to look back at this list to see just how much (or perhaps how little) I achieved:

Looking Back At My Bucket List For 2019

  1. Replace the bay windows in the living room– We replaced the living room windows with the most fantastic bay windows, though this took until September to sort it was well worth the effort and expense.
  2. Replace the windows in J’s room. – We were planning on doing this prior to Christmas but things got a bit busy, with a little luck we’ll get this done and dusted come the new year.
  3. Complete the front of the house by replacing the windows in the office. – We are yet to finish both J’s and the study/ office windows. I’m hoping that both of these windows should get done with a day or two of each other over the next month or so.
  4. To find and book a summer holiday for the family. – We booked a week away to Crete and whilst it wasn’t quite the holiday we were hoping for, it was at least some time away.
  5. To replace J’s outdated toy storage with more spacious furnishings. – We took a trip to Ikea and replaced all of J’s storage with the most awesome cube units. 
  6. To find and to buy a brand new pair of brown boots for the winter. – I bought brown boots and as always they have worn and will need replacing next winter.
  7. To find and to buy a brand new pair of black boots for work and for the winter months. – I did indeed buy myself a brand new pair of black boots but I’ve found that I’ve lived in either Uggs or my brown boots this year.
  8. To return to Yoga or some alternative form of fitness. With all the kids’ after-school activities, I simply just don’t have the time for anything more. My time will come when they are older…
  9. To book E into weekly swimming lessons and to build her confidence in the water. – We booked E into swimming lessons last February and she has been swimming every week since. Not only does E get to swim (and to learn how to do so safely) but both Paul and I have enjoyed watching her from the hot tub, steam room, and sauna!
  10. To measure up and to order three sets of blinds for the new windows once they are complete. – I’m still to order blinds for the upstairs windows but the bay window and the two bathrooms now have brand new sets of blinds!
  11. To replace E’s outdated stereo with an Amazon Echo Dot. – We replaced E’s previous stereo setup with an Amazon Echo Dot and signed up the Music Unlimited Family Plan. We couldn’t be without our Alexa’s now!
  12. To find and purchase some furniture for the decking. – I am yet to get a sofa and table for the decking but I did buy a brand new parasol and Paul repainted the picnic table resulting in a rather swish set up last summer. 
  13. To drink less fizzy soda-based drinks and to replace these with juice. Always Coca Cola – I just can’t kick the habit!
  14. To spend time as a family enjoying days out and about. – We’ve enjoyed quite a few days out and about locally, away from home and abroad. 
  15. To book and to enjoy a weekend away with the husband. – We really ought to book some time away together but each and every weekend we have seems to be busy.
  16. To recharge and to rekindle my love for reading. I read a few books but not enough…
  17. To take the children for a day out to Blackpool Pleasure Beach (and quite possibly the Sandcastle) – We spent a day in Blackpool with the kids at The Sandcastle and rather than bothering with the Pleasure Beach, we took the kids further south to Alton Towers at a later date with the family.
  18. To replace my rather worn nightwear with a range of comfortable pajamas for both summer and winter. I replaced my PJs for winter but need to add a few pairs of ‘short sets’ to my wardrobe for the summer.
  19. To relax a little more and to enjoy regular massages (both of the Swedish and hot stone variety) with the wonderful Amber. – I’ve been rather lucky and have enjoyed a fair few massages with Amber this year, I’ll be sure to book in with her this year as I was very kindly given a voucher from a good friend for Christmas!
  20. To lose at least half a stone. Ha yeh… that didn’t happen.
  21. To book at least one (if not two) gigs/ concerts and to have an evening out. – We’ve been to a couple of comedy and music gigs this year, although I’m still waiting for Tori to announce a new album and another tour…
  22. To replace my battered old piano stool with a longer bench. – We replaced my piano stool with a double-piano-bench so that I could make a start on teaching E how to play.
  23. To make a focused effort to teach E how to play the piano. – I dusted off my piano lesson books and made a start on teaching our little lady how to play the piano. She’s still learning the basics but seems to enjoy it!
  24. To find an after school/ extra-curricular activity for J to attend and to enjoy. – After getting a drum kit for his birthday, J began weekly drum lessons with a local teacher. He has also joined the school Art club which he attends once a week.
  25. To try to get to bed earlier, hopefully resulting in less late nights and weary mornings. I’m a night owl by nature, who was I trying to fool putting this onto a bucket list?!
  26. To clear out and to rearrange the garage. – Paul did a fantastic job of clearing and sorting our garage earlier in the year. Sadly, it didn’t take too long to refill with rubbish and will need clearing and cleaning all over again.
  27. To find and to take part in a new blog-linky series. – Having joined a number of new (and old) linkies such as #LittleLoves, #LikedandLoved, #TheOrdinaryMoments, #LivingArrows, and #TheSiblingProject, I also started my very own linky – #MySundaySnapshot. I hope to continue these linkies (and perhaps a few more) throughout 2020.
  28. To replace the sofa cushions. – We replaced the sofa cushions not once but twice this year and I’m not quite happy with Asda’s finest silver-grey, ribbed, velvet effect sofa cushions and matching blanket.
  29. To add further furniture to the office for stationary storage. – We finally got rid of the old bedroom drawers from the office and replaced them with a huge Malm ‘double drawers office set’ from Ikea. I now have plenty of storage for the paper, books, wires and all the gubbins that seem to come with technology these days.
  30. To stop over-thinking things and to reduce the general anxiety, stress, and pressure of day-to-day issues through a less regimented and more spontaneous lifestyle. Whilst I’m all for being spontaneous, I work far better with schedule, routine and by following some sort of plan. I really wish I could reduce my general stress and anxiety thus have added this to my ‘2020 bucket list’.

Twenty-one out of thirty isn’t half bad, well it’s more than half, isn’t it?! I think I’ve done pretty well this year all things considered! Here’s hoping that I can just as well with my 2020 bucket list!

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  1. January 2, 2020 / 11:14 am

    I think you did really well after setting yourself some difficult tasks. I loved the bay window in my childhood house, it was always perfect at Christmas for the tree to take pride of place. one thing on your list I really think you should have another go at is to replace the fizzy drinks. They are so addictive and really not good for you. When my son stopped drinking fizzy drinks he lost a stone in a year. There’s some motivation for you! x

    • January 2, 2020 / 11:15 am

      Ha I’m on Coke Zero now – have been for

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