My 2018 Bucket List

Happy New Year and all that malarkey, here’s hoping that 2018 will be a healthy, wealthy and wonderful year for us all.

Sod making ‘New Years Resolutions’, I never stick to them anyway! Instead I have opted to write a ‘Bucket list’ filled with a range of goals, wishes and aspirations for the year ahead. I highly doubt that I’ll achieve all of these but it would be nice to tick off at least ten items (which there are a fair few to choose from) from my list.

Should you fancy having a read through my list of hopes, dreams and aspirations for 2018 then please go ahead but in William Butler Yeat’s words “Tread softly because you tread on my dreams”.

My 2018 Bucket List

  1. To lose a further stone in weight through a healthy diet and exercise
  2. To continue exercise through using work-out DVDs, the exercise bike and Yoga
  3. To get a puppy (and train it!)
  4. To find and to get a new job which fits in with my family and financial requirements
  5. To book and enjoy a holiday abroad as a family
  6. To update at least three of the windows/ doors around the house
  7. To get new blinds for one or two of the windows
  8. To start saving for a new kitchen
  9. To write a daily diary using pen and paper format just for me
  10. To create regular Vlogs throughout the year
  11. To make use of meal plans for the family
  12. To get a new piercing (ideally an industrial piercing)
  13. To go to or book a concert/ gig
  14. To visit family and friends further afield
  15. To purchase a blow-up bed so that we can have family/ friends to stay
  16. To have a girls day out
  17. To start teaching E how to swim
  18. To enrol E into a class/ activity such as dance or Drama
  19. To continue building J’s reading, writing and spelling skills.
  20. To master the art of mixing Music
  21. To learn and make three new recipes
  22. To sew and make something for the house
  23. To add to the outdoor Christmas decorations
  24. To replace the living room stereo with a voice activated device
  25. To have a family day out to Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  26. To start using a better skin routine
  27. To stop over thinking things and worrying about the endless ‘what ifs’
  28. To drink less coke and more juice
  29. To have a weekend away as a couple
  30. To subscribe to a new magazine and to read more generally
  31. To reorganise the ridiculously oversized filing cabinet ditching any outdated documents
  32. To put forward work for the Huffington Post or other online publications.
  33. To find and purchase a sun lounger to place on the decking for summer
  34. To have a complete clear out eBaying any unwanted clothing, toys (indoor and outdoor), books, games or items
  35. To buy a new pair of Skechers for the spring.
  36. To learn how to use my hair tongs correctly to achieve the perfect curl
  37. To update the photographs and frames around the house with recent photos
  38. To master the art of ‘top liner’ and ‘wings’ using a liquid eyeliner
  39. To get back into gaming for relaxation
  40. To continue voluntary work within Schools building further experience within Education

As you can see I have quite a lot of aspirations, hopes and dreams all of which I would quite like to achieve at some point throughout the year. If you should happen to have any further ideas to put forward then be sure to drop a comment below, send me an email or get in touch via social media and who knows I may well just add it to the list!




  1. January 3, 2018 / 7:50 pm

    Love your mix of things Rachel. Totally with you on finding a new skincare routine. I am nearly 44 and my skincare routine is really hit and miss. Good luck with achieving things in 2018 x

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