The Here and Now

I’m never really sure where to begin when starting a new journal. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a blog and whilst I should really start from the very beginning and give you the back story, I’d probably only bore you and it’s most likely that over time my posts will yo-yo back and forth filling in the gaps. That and I’m a bit of a self confessed whinge and I do tend to harp on about the past all too often as I’m not like Elsa (I can’t ‘let it go’). That being said, this once I’m actually going to start from the most important point, the here and now.

The Here and NowThe here being my bed and the now being way too flipping late to be awake, but as I’m a Mum to two little darlings my only ‘me time’ is once they are in the land of nod, which is also far too late in comparison with normal kids bedtimes. By normal bedtimes, I am referring to the fact that my husband nor I have been able to watch any evening television at the time it’s actually broadcast since our children arrived thus, we rely upon recording and catch up services, Hurrah for technology!

Most sensible parents probably jump into bed at the earliest opportunity and savour every minute of sleep they get, whereas I seem to push into the early hours simply to get time to get on with stuff which wouldn’t be possible with the presence of my two little helpers. I say helpers, but you and I both know what I really mean!

It’s not that I have anything specifically important to be doing once the kids are tucked up, other than ensuring I complete the Desperate Housewives box set of course. But I need that time, even if it’s late, I still need time to just be me…even if I am like a mombie the next morning.

And I suppose that sums up this first post and gives you a taste of what’s to come, the truth. Tonight’s truth being that as a Mum, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to strike a fair balance or to just be ourselves, because it’s not about ourselves anymore, it’s about so much more.

Speaking of which, my two year old has just stumbled half asleep into our room like some drunk loon waving her bunny in one hand and her drink in the other, this means one thing… Less space in the bed!

Night x


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