Misshapes, Mistakes & Misfits

I’m not sure whether it’s sheer exhaustion or the fact that I’ve been writing most of my blog posts using my IPhone, either way having read back upon previous posts I’ve discovered a rather large amount of errors.

Misshapes, Mistakes & Misfits

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for my errors and to explain that whilst I adore writing, I’m more than aware than I’m not exactly gifted at grammar nor spelling for that matter. I’d love to be able to write the perfect post first time around but it never really works out that way. I really ought to read through my work more than once before pressing ‘publish’ but with time constraints I tend to type and take off.

My head is constantly filled with ideas, thoughts and feelings all of which I’d love to share in a written format. Quite often though, those feelings, thoughts and emotions end up jumbled, scrambled if you will on the journey from my mind to the blank screen upon which I type.

There are times when I simply cannot find the correct words to express myself, others when I have the words but am simply unable to use them. Being a blogger can be rather bothersome at times as we are expected to write openly, honestly and without barriers,  yet life is precisely that – a barrier.

Misshapes, Mistakes & Misfits

Those moments when you’re busy living life to the limits or on the other end of scale perhaps you’re drowning within your own despair – those are the moments which should be shared. Those moments are the ones which make the memories and should therefore be written down, yet it’s hardly likely that you’ll have the time nor inclination to write at that point in time.

For me personally, it’s more than often the mundane moments when I’m most likely to have the chance and the charge to put pen to paper or to tap away at the keyboard. Having the time to sit and to reflect can either be torture or therapy, dependent upon your mindset. It’s for this reason that I find time alone quite awkward as my mind tends to transport me to peculiar places; I’m either pondering upon people and places from the past, the present or every so often I waste precious time fantasising about the future – a completely pointless task as there’s no telling what’s to come.

Misshapes, Mistakes & Misfits

Anyhow, back to the point of this post which is simply to apologise for my errors, though as they say “mistakes are proof that you are trying” and I’m most certainly trying that’s for sure!



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